Dos and Don’ts in Front of the Camera

Brides and Grooms to be, here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your Professional Wedding Photographer:

  • Enjoy your day, keep calm as much as you can, remember all emotions show in photos. Emotions that look great in photos: of course happiness, nicely surprised, some tears, etc.
  • Avoid emotions that look bad in photos: angriness, nervousness, felling desperate about something, etc.
  • Try not to stress out about anything, don’t let anyone ruin your day… If someone is giving you a hard time, let them know you will take care of the issue after the wedding, even better, after the honeymoon.
  • Don’t give your back to the Photographer, acknowledge his/her presence, this way a variety of gorgeous candids can be captured.
  • Create situations: softly touch your partner’s face to the opposite side to where the camera is, kiss, rubbing noses, touching foreheads, etc. They all make for great pics.
  • Be focus at the wedding party and family photo session, let someone who knows your family and friends gather the people that will be in the photos. Remember, your Photographer isn’t familiar with them. The sooner these photos are taken, the sooner everyone can join the party!
  • Again, enjoy your Big Day !!!

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Tip for the Bride: MUAs are a must, even for those who are into the “natural” look, professionals make up artists know how to make you look fantastic in your style!

Tip for Brides and Grooms: call all vendors on the week of the wedding, making sure they know time/locations where to deliver their stuff, etc.

With Al Ojeda Photography, our Brides & Grooms get a phone call from us on the week of the wedding so we can go through all details of the big day!

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Artistry in Wedding Photography and DJ Entertainment

Today, a Guest Appearance from our friend Gregg Hollmann who runs Ambient DJ:

Artistry in Wedding Photography and DJ Entertainment

Now more than ever, engaged couples are faced with a wealth of options for both wedding photographers and disc jockeys.  For example, a bride in Central New Jersey (New Brunswick) who visits and searches for a photographer will be confronted with 28 pages of wedding photographers, and 13 pages of disc jockey listings.  There are literally hundreds of wedding photographers and disc jockeys to select from! To provide some context, according to statistics published by the State of New Jersey, there were 46,643 marriages in the state during 2007 (the most recent year available).  What makes a great wedding photographer or a great wedding disc jockey?  Both of these professionals rely on expensive, high-tech equipment in practicing their crafts.  Both are expected to bring backup equipment to your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Of course, the cameras, tripods, speakers and CD players are only tools of the trade.  What counts is how a professional uses these tools of the trade to deliver exceptional results. In the realm of photography, an outstanding wedding photographer will not only capture the important moments of your day, but is able to visualize and then create timeless, artistic photos.  Similarly, on the music side, an exceptional disc jockey will draw from the many songs and musical genres on their palette, and present them in a personal and artistic way for the wedding couple and their guests.  At a wedding reception, the DJ helps to create the ambience, while the photographer captures it on film!

While found in different sectors of the arts, Al Ojeda Photography and Ambient DJ Service share many similarities. First and foremost, both of our companies are committed to delivering a high-quality and modern service with great emphasis on customer service.  Both of our companies tend to work at the finer banquet halls of Central NJ and beyond, for clients who are looking for an alternative to the traditional (and tired) offerings of some providers.  And finally, we both share a love of music and international travel!
Ambient DJ Service is proud to recommend Al Ojeda Photography to all of its current and prospective wedding clients!  Al and Ida are talented, experienced and passionate professionals who are at the top of their game.
With our passion being music, before signing off from this guest appearance, I will leave readers with ten suggested first dance songs to consider:
  1. You are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
  2. Two Love Birds – Robin Thicke
  3. We Have All the Time in the World – Louis Armstrong
  4. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
  5. Marry Me – Train
  6. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  7. The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson
  8. First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes
  9. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  10. Crazy Love – Van Morrison
Gregg Hollmann is the President of Ambient DJ Service based in East Windsor, NJ
WebsiteBlog – – 609-672-1270
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To our Brides and Grooms: Make sure you use AmbientDj for High Quality Entertainment Services – Contact Gregg who will work on your DJ needs with Professionalism and top notch Customer Service, your day will be a memorable one !!!

Thanks Gregg for a wonderful guest blog entry in our place… We appreciate you stopping by !!!
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Wedding Planning – It’s time for the Formals

Formals are the Wedding Party and Family Pics. A Photochecklist is the best tool to make them happen. In the process of Wedding Planning this is a key question: When are the formals taken ??? In an ideal world, the photographer would have 1 to 2 hours time to take them, but this doesn’t work that way most times, usually there are only 45 minutes…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers - Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding Photo"These are the different situations to consider:

a. If the couple will see each other before the Ceremony and:

  1.  Ceremony and reception are held at same location: doing the formals before the ceremony enables you to enjoy your cocktail hour. The photographer can set up a special mini-session of the seeing each other for the first time, those pics can be really nice !!!
  2. Ceremony and reception are held at different locations: if you decide to do the formals after the ceremony, think about driving distances, traffic, etc., there should be enough time to get to the venue maybe stopping at a Park or any other location to take the pictures.

b. If the couple won’t see each till the Ceremony and:

  1.  Ceremony and reception are held at same location: you know you will miss most of the cocktail hour to have your pics taken.
  2. Ceremony and reception are held at different locations: think about driving distances, etc., and maybe not making it to the cocktail hour depending on the timings.

Couples: make sure family members and guests included in the formal pictures are aware of them, so tell them to be ready and focus at the time they will be taken assuring everything will be as smooth as possible.

Suggestion to Couples: try keeping the formals list short, you want to have enough time for your couple’s pics, after all, it’s your Big Day !!!

Featuring a couple with both sets of parents – Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding Photo

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