Free Engagement Session on 2011 and 2012 Weddings

Engagement pic by Al Ojeda Photography


Our free engagement session promotion is extended for all 2011  and  2012 weddings when booking us with any Wedding Photography Package that includes an album… Don’t miss this great opportunity !!! Call/email us for details !!!

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Advantages of having a Second Shooter in a Wedding

A Second Shooter will take some extra candids while the Lead Photographer is covering a variety of situations, ex.: let’s say the Lead Photographer is shooting the Groom with the Groomsmen, meanwhile the Second Shooter could be taking pics of the Bride having fun with her Bridesmaids… Those are nice pics to have…

At a Church, the Lead Photographer will be shooting from the altar the entrance of family members, bridesmaids and the bride, meanwhile a Second Photographer can be in the back taking pics before the bride’s entrance, with her dad or mom, those moments of anxiety… And then, the beauty of the bride doing her entrance from the back…

There are super short ceremonies lasting only 10 to 15 minutes, with 2 Photogs, you sure get pics from all sides… One only Photographer can’t move that fast to cover everything in such tight timing…

When getting ready, ceremony and receptions are held in different locations, a Second Photographer can be the driver… So the Lead can jump out of the car and do his/her thing without wasting time looking for a parking spot…

Also, you get another point of view, remember each individual Photographer has his/her own personal style…

At Al Ojeda Photography, we always work as a team no matter how big or small a Wedding is !!!

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Wedding Photography and how not sticking to the planned timings could affect the outcome of the Wedding Pictures…

This is something we came across in several Weddings. We had two Brides having make up and hair done at another location and were getting dressed at the venue, we were supposed to wait at the venue for them to arrive at a certain time, they came 2 hours late… so we ended up shooting 6 hours instead of the 8 we were booked for… We can’t enumerate all situations but, we’ve seen numerous other types of lateness… 

You hire a Photographer for a certain amount of hours, you plan your Big Day minute to minute… But, what happens when for different reasons everything turns late and the timings are not followed?


Usually the Photographer is the one who is going to have her/his/their matters complicated… With less time left, the Photographer will take a lesser amount of pics of the Bride alone or with her Mom/Dad/Bridesmaids or will rush to get all others pictures taken… and most likely, the Bride & Groom will end up enjoying very little of their cocktail hour…  


Suggestion: Brides and Grooms, confirm timings with all your vendors, make sure they will stick to the timings, because otherwise you may have fewer opportunities to have taken all pics you wanted before or after the Ceremony… Make the Dollars spent on your Photographer worth it… Your Photographer shouldn’t be responsible for situations that are out of her/his/their control… 

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Wedding Photography and the importance of doing an Engagement Session

Advantages of doing E-Pics:

1 – Get acquaintance with your Wedding Photographer, a must after only a meeting for about 30 to 45 minutes when the booking, it provides you a fantastic chance to get so much more familiar with each other.

2 – It will let the Photographer understand which are your dreamed photographs for the upcoming Big Day… The Photographer will be able to evaluate in deep in which direction your style goes and then, emphasize on those pics in your actual wedding.

3 – Unless you are one of those lucky people who is naturally at ease in front of the camera, chances are that the first time your Photographer points a lens in your way, you will be a little bit shy… But relax, the E-Session will help you loosen up and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

What to do in order to get the most from an Engagement Session:

1-     Define your style… romantic, fun, candid, serious…

2-     Find a location that represents who you are or that means something to you, maybe where he proposed? Or your first date place? Or that site that you just happen to love !!!

3-     Have a plan or theme, work it with your Photographer…

4-     Props ??? They are so much fun !!! Bicycles, umbrellas, hats, incorporating your pet, etc.

5-     Think on Clothing (maybe 2 choices?) and HairStylist – Make-Up for the girls.

6-     Think on poses that reflect your personalities – Though we strongly suggest a variety of shoots… Do lots of nose rubbing, kissing, smiling, etc. But emphasizing in your personal style…

How can you use your E-Photos:

1 – You can use the pictures for your save the dates mailings.

2 – Have a signature frame to be displayed in your wedding for your guests to sign.

3 – Include a pic on the wedding program.

4 – Make a memorable guest book.

5 – Why not, a different pic framed as table numbers.

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Wedding Photos at The Manor, West Orange, New Jersey

Some Al Ojeda Photography images from a Wedding held at The Manor in West Orange, New Jersey.

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