Your Day, Your Way

So when looking for any vendor to provide you with services for your big day, make sure you DO get what you are looking for. Your wedding is about YOU, not the vendor’s taste.

Let’s talk about it in deep with a simple example: When you are working on your bouquet palette colors with a professional florist, she/he shows you a portfolio with a variety of items… You automatically go for your favorite colors or the ones that match the theme that you are working on, right? The florist doesn’t push you on another way, offering something completely different… The florist would never do that, because she/he is willing to accommodate to your needs.

The same applies on your wedding photography coverage. When looking for your wedding photographer in particular, you should be asked about your preferred photography style/s. A professional wedding photographer should be able to match any. Photographers, as artists, may have their own preferences, but when you are the one tying the knot, you are entitled to have your own vision and taste, so that or those should be the main focus… Wedding photographers can add a little personal touch but always respecting your wishes, whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary, photojournalistic or a mix of wedding photography styles.

Remember: Your Day, Your Way…

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At Al Ojeda Photography, we have what it takes to “read” your preferred photo styles providing you with memories for a lifetime!

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Photo Styles Evolution !!!

Wedding Photography has evolved over the years, here are the style options defined for a better understanding on what a couple can expect from each one:

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos"

Traditional Wedding Photography, relies on posed and staged settings. These photographs are time consuming if there is a long list of photos to be taken, since the photographer has to position all people involved in them. They are considered a bit old fashioned, but if Prince William and Kate had them taken, let’s guess, they will never be too old fashioned. Parents of the couples are the ones who enjoy them most, usually there are their choice of photos to have framed in their living room.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography, is where the photographer will be a silent witness throughout the day capturing in sequence everything relevant as opportunities arise. Great for natural photographs. The key to candid photography is spontaneity, so ignoring the camera is a must. John-John Kennedy used this approach when he married Carolyn Bessette in 1996 and the Photojournalistic Wedding Photography style was born.

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Contemporary Wedding  Photography, this is the latest trend, it could be defined as “fashionable” photographs where couple’s pics look more like from out of a fashion magazine. What’s needed to produce these stunning images? Enough time, special settings/backdrops and a smart use of light. Also needed but from the couple’s side, not being shy in front of the camera, creating the right mood with certain “attitude”.

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Mix Styles Wedding Photography, this has a little of everything, it takes a skilled, passionate professional photographer to make this happen, specially, when there are time restrictions.

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About our Wedding Photography Style

As Professional Photographers, our first goal is to satisfy the Couples point of view… Then, we take license to do our own creative stuff, but only if the Couples are willing to do something different, without pushing… There should be the right mood/attitude for it, otherwise it will look forced, not natural, with no gratifying results…

Al has strong composition skills, he uses any type of backgrounds to make a sight look beautiful… It could be any sight, an old barn, a nice corner in the venue… He goes further more, he uses his flash in different ways to create a fantastic atmosphere…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers - Bridgewater Manor Wedding Photos"Ida is more into a specific moment, she waits patiently when she knows a tear or laugh is coming… She loves arranging details in different ways, creating tasteful shoots…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers"We like knowing what the Couple’s dream pictures are… Taking notes to have a perfect idea of what we are doing on their Big Day… We are there to capture the essence of their Wedding in their vision combined with our creativity…

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