Indian Wedding Album Layout

New Jersey is a State with a diversity of communities, as wedding Photographers, we get to shoot many weddings with different traditions, they are blast… Longer ceremonies, colorful attires and details… Here we have Rupali and Jonathan’s wedding photos with an album layout that we custom designed… Using wisely the Bride’s different dresses or her bangles as backgrounds… All details are perfectly in place…

The Hyatt at Princeton Wedding Photos

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Wauwinet Inn, Nantucket Wedding Photos

Destination Wedding… Here featuring an Album Layout from a Wedding held at The Wauwinet Inn in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Luxurious is the word to describe the Hotel… We stayed for two nights… On Friday, Rehearsal Dinner, on Saturday the Wedding with a marvelous day full of joy…

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Wedding Album Design – Tips to DIY

We shoot weddings in a Photojournalistic style and the couples point of view which we discuss when we meet. In the process of designing an album, we use the images “telling the story” in a sequential way so that when you go through all pages, you can imagine the flow of events of the day. For the first and last page though, you want to use a great couple photo, after all, it is their Big Day !!!

As backgrounds we use sometimes detail pictures, the color of the bridesmaids dresses, etc.

At Al Ojeda Photography we carry a variety of professional albums in different sizes:

  • Coffee Table Books, reminiscent to art books.
  • Flush Mount, actual pictures mounted on thin or thick cardboard.

Albums are Custom Designed with photos selected by our Brides and Grooms !!!

For Couples that are in the DIY mood using companies where they can create and order their own albums: guys, just follow the idea of telling the story of your special day… and you can accomplish pretty nice results !!!

Featured Layout is from a Wedding  held at The Imperia on Easton, Somerset, New Jersey.

The Imperia on Easton Wedding Photos

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Guide for Albums

Designing an album takes time an effort… We start from scratches, opening a blanc page for each layout we are going to generate, using the theme, colors of the wedding, and/or sometimes using some faded images as backgrounds… we use our creativeness !!!

But we use the pictures that the Bride & Groom loved the most… telling them not to overload their albums, in doing so, it could take the classiness and simplicity out of them…

We have created a guide to help Brides & Grooms to choose their pics for their albums… It’s complicated to narrow down from 500 to 60 or 70… So, this guide/list helps them in that process…

Once we have a layout completed, we send the B & G a link for them to go over it, they can tell us which pages/sides they would like us to make some changes or simply tell us, they loved what we have done…

We never order an album to our providers without the approval of the Bride & Groom !!! At the end, it’s them who will store their albums as lifetime memories of their Big Day…

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