Best Simple Posing Tips !!!

Let’s go over some helpful instructions on how to get the best from your wedding posed/formal photos… First, relax, relax and relax, move your shoulders several times till you feel they are completely loosen up… Stand about 45 degrees facing your partner. Your face should not be straight to the camera but with a “very slight” inclination to your partner. Your chin, always a “little down” (don’t be afraid of double chin…). Look to the photographer’s lens and smile. All these tips are only to be followed unless you are told otherwise, cause there could be another intention in the particular pic. Isn’t it easy?

"The Imperia on Easton Somerset Wedding Photos - NJ Wedding Photographers"The best photos though, are candids… For them, just be natural, acknowledge the photographer’s presence and try not to give them your back… Most importantly, show emotions and enjoy your day !!! Keep in mind if you are the bride and want to touch tenderly your groom’s face (or vice versa, if you are the groom), do it with the hand that won’t cover your partner’s face from where the photographer is taking the photo… Simple and sweet…

"The Imperia on Easton Somerset Wedding Photos - NJ Wedding Photographers"Tips mentioned here are also useful to engaged couples having an engagement session…

Wedding Photos taken at The Imperia on Easton, Somerset, NJ.

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