Proud to be an American !!!

Gay Marriage has been and still is a controversial issue… But, at the end, when you think about the Constitution of the United States of America, Civil Rights, etc, there is no way you don’t want others to have the same rights because of their sexual orientation. Not allowing same sex unions, means homosexuals don’t have the same rights as heterosexuals do, it would be like there are first and second class citizens, it’s another form of discrimination. So the State of NY, got the votes to legalize it yesterday, did justice to human rights, another big step for all Americans to be equals…

America is progressive: 4 Republicans listened to what people of their State had to say about the matter, reconsidered their positions, not being stubborn, making them proof of how Senators listen to their constituents… True democracy: “by the people, for the people”. Way to go America, there is a lot more work ahead, but you will get there, no wonder you are the Greatest !!! God bless America !!!

Al Ojeda Photography