My laptop said: Game Over

Just like years ago when my son was a child and we would play video games, I would fall short and get the infamous: game over, a couple weeks ago, my laptop said: game over… Suddenly, the screen turned black… I waited for a couple minutes to see if it was too hot and maybe that was the reason why it wouldn’t work… I tried an hour later, nothing, three hours later it just wouldn’t turn back on…

Removing the cover to get the hard drive.

 I didn’t want to panic, but it was scary… If you think that I had all my Wedding Photography business paperwork stored there… Deep in my mind I was worried… I had a back up, but from March, not good enough…

Easy hard drive removing.

 Al went to his computer to “google” what could be done… he read some different ways to make it start again, but nothing would work… We opened the back of the laptop and moved the hard drives from one place to the other trying all options… Nothing…

Removing the metal chassis.

 Same day, we went to get a new laptop… We commented what happened to the guy at the store, he offered the services of a “computer geek” who would be able to rescue my files for a certain amount of money, we looked at each other and decided we would get those files ourselves somehow…

The hard drive without the chassis.

 From a Google (what a great friend !!!) search, Al learned that there is a S – ATA & IDE adaptor that could rescue my files… so he order it from California  for $30 and week later, I was getting all my precious files back !!!

Removing the original plastic adapter from SATA to the connection to the laptop.

 Of course, now I have an external disk, which I should have had from the beginning, like Al does… But it feels pretty awesome to get things done without paying big dollars… Al is the Best… Yaaaaaaaay !!!

You can see the SATA connection of the drive.

 My advise, if you ever think you lost all your files after a computer brake down, don’t panic, there is hope, get an adapter !!! Even better, don’t work without an external disc !!!

Connecting hard drive with the usb adapter, using the SATA.

Finally, files are getting rescued.

Ida from Al Ojeda Photography


The sometimes underestimated Wedding Photographer

Being a Pro Wedding Photographer requires having decent professional equipment (not necessarily the most expensive), the knowledge on how to use it under pressure on a day that will go with a crazy speed and no second chances to repeat any image… He/she/them, need to be skilled in various fields of photography:

1 – Photojournalistic Style; being capable to tell a story in pictures. Knowing what is important to show to really document that day, no nonsense images…

Guests reaction to a kiss... by Al Ojeda

2 – Product Photography; shooting “details” are in some ways, shooting “products” without having 3 lights in a studio and doing it quickly, you don’t have all the time in the world to do it…  


3 – Portrait Photography; you need to use the light properly to illuminate the subject and guide the Bride and/or groups to pose to look their best. Brides, Grooms, guests, aren’t professional models, they are not familiar with posing, so in few minutes you have to capture them in a way they’d look natural, relaxed…

Bride's Portrait by Al Ojeda

That’s why we say that sometimes the Wedding Photographer is underestimated, because it really requires expertise handling all those skills in a hectic journey…

Brides & Grooms: check thoughtfully all portfolios before booking !!!

Al Ojeda Photography


Why booking a Full Time Photographer for your Wedding

A Full Time Photographer will be there for you most likely anytime, unless he/she/them is/are shooting a Wedding.

Full Time equals 24/7 committed to Professional Services, at hand for any questions or concerns without being distracted on other activities/jobs… will call back right away, will email back in few minutes…

Al shooting a wedding in Nantucket, MA

Full Time is having no restrictions on day/time/location for meetings with couples.

Full Time will provide you with your Big Day images within a week or two of the Event, you get a super fast turn around for your online galleries…

Full Time translates in taking the time to carefully enhance, correct color/balance, crop if needed, each image provided to you…

Full Time means him/her/their income comes only from Professional Photography Services, so maybe their prices might be a little over the part timers (though, not necessarily), but certainly obtaining all previous advantages mentioned…

At Al Ojeda Photography, we are committed Full Time to our Brides & Grooms.

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Pedro Luis Raota, an Outstanding Photographer

When  I was a child and I started  reading  Life Magazine, I was amazed with wonderful pics that told  me stories  that happened  far away from my small country in South America, and I started dreaming in becoming a Photographer  to  travel around the world  taking pics.

Then, I studied Photography and I started to understand the magic of “writing with the light “, and the importance of a perfect composition.

From those days, I remember that one of the Photographer’s that influenced me most was Pedro Luis Raota, he was an Argentinian Photographer that in his 52 years of life won 3000 Gold Medals in Photography Contests.

He died in 1986, and we can say that his photographs show the drama of life but with a touch of irony and humor.

He was criticized sometimes because some of his photographs were previously set up, but he always responded: “a Photographer imagines a picture, and if that picture he imagines doesn’t exist, he will create it just like a Film Director does”.

Pedro Luis Raota to me is the Rembrandt of the Photography due to his mastery in controlling the light, and impeccable composition.

Al Ojeda


How many pictures should the Couples receive from their Photographer?

Nowadays, a Photographer takes more than 1500 pictures in a regular 8 hours Wedding, some shoot 5000 !!!

In the old times that was impossible to achieve due to the cost of the film. Today, in the Digital era, that has changed for good in some ways. The Photographer can shoot the same pose, family picture, or any picture, several times (there is no film wasted). If in one image, someone blinked, in the next one provably not.

Wedding Gown by Al Ojeda Photography

Every Wedding is unique, so depending on the hours covered, how many guests are attending the Wedding (petit/medium or more than 200), quantity of locations (different locations for getting ready, ceremony and reception) and situations created, the Photographer can easily shoot over 1500 images. From all those images, you have the repeated (just in case), the unflattering ones, etc.

Talking about an 8 hour coverage Weedding, we have decided to not provide the couples with large amounts of pictures (unless they really want all of them), we select the best and repeat very few… maybe a little more than 400 pictures, some times over 500.

More hours coverage, like in a Traditional Indian Wedding, it could go up to 800 since there a lot more steps to cover in the whole process…

A regular Album has in between 60 to 75 pictures, so if you have to select from 1500, that’s a main struggle, while if you have to narrow down from 500, it makes the newlywed couple’s life easier… It makes that process smooth !!!

Al Ojeda Photography

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Make Up Artist… Hairstylist…

From our experience working for many years doing Wedding Photography, here are some suggestions for Brides that will help them look fantastic on their Wedding Day:

1 – Make-Up Artist… Use some money from your budget to have a MUA… It really makes a difference on how you will look on your Big Day… You will look great first for yourself (gaining confidence), for the Groom, guests and your Pictures !!! A MUA will enhance your features and correct little things, your skin will look fresh and if you are really into make-up, a MUA will provide you with a Professional look… One more advice on this one, do have a previous make up session in order to make sure you get what you are looking for, no last minute surprises….

2 – Hairstylist… Pretty much the same as with the MUA, a must… It doesn’t matter your style, even for a natural look… so Professional hands are to accomplish it. In this one, you do want to think on the Photography side, because depending on the hair style chosen, you can expect some disappointing images… if your hair is all over your face, the Photographer most likely won’t be able to capture some images or will but, they could be unflattering ones. It could compromise pictures at the Ceremony, Church or in other candid moments, because the hair is going to be on his way… He won’t be able to control your hair like during the portraits or formals in which the Photographer can guide you to pose accordingly… Photoshop can do some magic, fix some things, but it can’t make miracles…

Brides: enjoy your big day !!!

Al Ojeda Photography

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Wedding Photography Checklist

We provide Brides & Grooms with a Wedding Photography Checklist a month prior to the event, so they have time to fill it up and mail/email it back to us. We bring it with us on the day of the event and check it out, this way not missing any special requests. 

It’s very useful at the time of the formals. Our list is designed in a way that moves the Bride the less, since usually the wedding gown will have a train making it more difficult for her to move… All people involve in the pictures should be aware and focus…

Sometimes weather conditions, timing/Church/venue restrictions, lateness on people involve in the formals may happen, with the result that some pictures of the list can’t be taken. Weddings are unpredictable, even the ones carefully planned, a Photographer really needs to be on top of his game and be prepared for “plan Bs”.

Al Ojeda Photography

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The Bouquet…

Every Bride has a Bouquet… it’s a main Tradition… Brides may have favorite flowers, colors, styles… Florist Companies carry a wide variety to choose from…

When a Bride is looking for her Bouquet, she should keep in mind the size and why not, the weight. The Bride will be carrying it most of the day, so if it’s too big or pretty heavy, she will be uncomfortable carrying it all day long… Also, if you are a petit Bride, you really don’t want it to be oversized, it could look awkward, it should balance your size.

Be careful if the Florist brings the Bouquet on a vase with water, have paper towels to make sure you dry it out before you touch it to avoid splitting water on your Wedding gown, some fabrics are very sensitive to liquids and leave spots… It should never happen, it’s preventable.

Bouquet by Al Ojeda Photography

Your Photographer will take pictures of the Bouquet, in different options, using interesting backgrounds or putting the rings on top… and you will have images of that Bouquet that you carefully picked up.

Al Ojeda Photography

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Shooting in a Photojournalistic Style, when to use Horizontal, when to use Vertical, that’s the question…

The human eye sees everything Horizontal, like a big TV/movie screen, so most likely, most of the pictures taken should be in a Horizontal format.

If you are shooting in a Photojournalistic Style, you want to shoot always Horizontal and generally with a wide angle lens. The Photojournalistic Style documents a certain story, you need to show a subject surrounded by elements that will “tell the story”. The elements can be a variety of things depending on the location and situations, but all these elements are to be supporting/complementing the subject. On the other hand, if you are shooting Vertical, that format will not give you the versatility to show those elements around the subject (again, with some exceptions) and you’ll miss the point.

Guests are looking to the Bride & Groom right after the ceremony.

Always try to include something to support the subject and don’t leave any blank spaces that won’t tell you anything relevant.

You miss the point here, just a pic of the Bride & Groom kissing.

Keep in mind, there are always exceptions to the rules.