Sweet Emily

One day we went to our friend’s birthday without knowing that we would be facing a big change in our lives… For our surprise, she got a one year old gorgeous red haired cat in her home brought from her sister’s because she had allergies, but incredibly our friend learned she also had allergies to cats and could no longer have sweet Emily with her… So we were taken upstairs and shown a very friendly cat that needed a new home, if our friend couldn’t find a new home for Emily, she would be taken to a shelter… We immediately felt in love and came back home with our new family member…

"Al Ojeda Photography - Warhol style photograph"

We’ve been tempted to have a pet for a long time, due to the nature of our business ,being long hours away, we felt dogs were out the equation since  we think it’s not a good idea to keep them 12 or more hours alone… A cat, was the perfect fit… Here was a chance to do something good and provide Emily with a loving home… We adapted to each other really fast  and can’t be happier… She is our little princess and now one of our favorite “models” to photograph.

Andy Warhol style enhanced photo of Emily… 🙂

Al and Ida

Al Ojeda Photography