Simplement, La Tour Eiffel

My Initial idea was to post pics Al took in Paris, but as I went through the photos, there were so many great Tour Eiffel photos, I had to do only one about it. Here they are…

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La Tour Eiffel is one of those huge landmarks in a big city, in Paris it can be seen from many places.

We went to Paris a few years ago in the fall, we were very lucky to have gorgeous days. “Le Metro”, the Seine Bateaux or just walking around with a map, was our way to get to know most of the city.

Will share with you in the future, in another post, more photographs from other aspects of Paris…

"Al Ojeda Photography - Paris Photos"

A little break to enjoy a “café au lait”.

Paris photos taken by Al Ojeda, Owner of Al Ojeda Photography

Ida Ochoteco – Al Ojeda Photography

Photography and Symmetry

Symmetry, generally gives an imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Louvre Museum  Photo - Paris photos"

Symmetry in photography, is a widely used technique. You can make attractive images. You can go for a perfect symmetry or add an element/detail that breaks it.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Tour Eiffel Photo - Paris photos"

In the first photo, the Louvre Museum was taken from inside the Pyramide.

The last photo with the Tour Eiffel was taken from the “Peace Monumet” that was standig across the Champ the Mars.

Pictures taken by Al Ojeda on a visit to Paris, what a wonderful city! A photographer’s paradise… Great food too…

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