Remembering 9/11

Each time you go to Manhattan… Any old movie that has the NYC skyline… Many times over the years, people can’t help feeling a deep deep sadness… Remembering 9/11…

"Al Ojeda Photography - Twin Towers Photos - Manhattan skyline photos"

Now there is a museum, a new building, but still, it will never be the same…

Photo by Al Ojeda, taken on September 1999.

Hoboken Photos

Hoboken is part of the New Jersey Gold Coast… In the past a blue collar town, it has become a hip place to live in… It keeps a lot of the early 1900s architecture… Manhattan has a magnificent view from it…

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Al and Ida were at Hoboken with their cameras capturing their vision of this town, they gave the pics a “silver toning” which works nicely on the photographs.

Photos by Al Ojeda Photography

Contact: – 908 240 3240

A day with Luz María Bobadilla in NYC

A little about her: Luz María Bobadilla is a talented classical guitarist born in Paraguay, South America, in the heart of a musician family. Her virtuosity appears as a child. She studied, piano, traverse flute, classical, popular and jazz guitar. Among her masters, she stands out Cayo Sila Godoy, direct heir of the tradition traced by Agustín Barrios and also collector of his work which remained scattered through out the world.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Luz Maria Bobadilla Classical Guitarist"

Luz Maria by Al Ojeda

She has toured the world with her musical treasures to more than 40 countries at such stages as: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Stockholm, Madrid, Geneva, Lisbon, Mexico, La Havana, Caracas, Bogotá, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, and many Cities in the USA.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Luz Maria Bobadilla Classical Guitarist"

Another portrait of Luz Maria by Al Ojeda

Luz María has numerous albums, the last one, “20 Aňos de Luz” (“Twenty years of Luz”), includes a variety of styles with her mastery execution: Sakura, Danza Paraguaya, Recuerdos de Alhambra, O Sole Mio, amongst others…

"Al Ojeda Photography - Luz Maria Bobadilla Classical Guitarist"

Luz Maria doing her art by Al Ojeda

In her last visit to USA a couple weeks ago, we had the honor and pleasure to share a whole day with her visiting Manhattan. Behind an extraordinary international renowned artist, there is a warm and sensitive human being.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Luz Maria Bobadilla Classical Guitarist"

Luz Maria walking in Brooklyn by Al Ojeda

Thanks Luz María, for sharing a day in your life with us, we are definitely looking forward to continuing a long friendship.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Luz Maria Bobadilla Classical Guitarist"

At the Top of The Rock in NYC

Images taken by Al Ojeda on March, 2010.