Bridal Bouquets and Photography – Perfect Together!

Excited to present today’s guest appearance, Georgianne from Monday Flowers:

Bridal Bouquets and Photography – Perfect Together!

Brides often tell me, “I want my flowers to look nice but they are only for the day” and that is true. Like everything on your wedding day, the flowers stay fresh only for that single day. When you think about it, don’t they bring much more to the event than that?   Let’s face it your bridal bouquet will be immortalized in your photos forever!
When I consult with brides I encourage them to bring inspiration photos showing bouquets and flowers they adore. Unlike words, these photos really give me a quick insight into their “floral” tastes. Many bring pictures of wedding bouquets that are taken up close. These are my favorites because I see exactly what flowers, color and texture they love.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos"How will your guests view you and your bouquet? Mostly they will see you from a distance. That is why I talk about what your bouquet will look like to your guests. Although you might not like certain flowers, they might be just the thing to give you that little bit of soft texture between blooms.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos"

You might be afraid to include greenery or color but without them the bouquet might just blend in with your dress and disappear.  Is there enough texture to see each flower or does it seems like one large bloom?  Although I’m a believer in your bouquet being an accent to your gown, I also believe it should get noticed.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace wedding photos"These principles of design, color and texture apply to professional photography too. Many photos will be taken at a distance, especially the group shots.  Not every photo of your bouquet a close up. Many will be taken outside, perhaps in bright sunlight.   A photo taken up close of pale pink roses will really show the rich pink tone. Transform your location outside in bright sunlight and your bouquet will certainly appear lighter, if not simply white.
Here are a few things to remember when you are choosing your flowers and colors for your wedding bouquet.
•    Most of the photos of your bouquet will be at a distance.  It’s just as important that you love the look of your bouquet from far away as you do close up.
•    Don’t be afraid of color. If your wedding is taking place during the time of year when you will most likely take photos outside, adding slightly richer tones will help that color show better.
•    Don’t be afraid to add greenery for softness or to help define the bouquet. Most flowers grow on plants that have foliage so adding light touches will help the bouquet look natural and also define the edges of your bouquet against your dress.
•    Don’t be afraid to speak to your photographer about your wedding bouquet. If getting lots of great photos of you with your bouquet is priority let them know. Giving them a heads up on what your bouquet will look like will give them time to think about how best to present you with your bouquet.
•    Last but not least, keep an open mind when choosing your flowers.  Flowers are grown by nature and the beauty of nature is that it’s ever changing and no two are ever the same. Don’t look for your flowers to be perfect, look for them to be beautiful!

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace wedding photos"

Georgianne Vinicombe owns Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co in Princeton, NJ and Yardley, Pa. She and her design team adore doing weddings and do over 90 wedding each year.  To see more of her wedding designs you can visit her wedding website at and she can be found on twitter as @mondayflowers . To schedule a wedding consultation you can reach her at 609.520.2005 or send her an email at


Thanks Georgianne !!! We love working with you, it’s so good to see our Bride’s happy faces when your team delivers their gorgeous bouquets and boutonnieres !!! It’s the perfect start of a memorable day in their lives !!!

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