Hoboken Photos

Hoboken is part of the New Jersey Gold Coast… In the past a blue collar town, it has become a hip place to live in… It keeps a lot of the early 1900s architecture… Manhattan has a magnificent view from it…

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Al and Ida were at Hoboken with their cameras capturing their vision of this town, they gave the pics a “silver toning” which works nicely on the photographs.

Photos by Al Ojeda Photography

Contact: ida@alojeda.com – 908 240 3240

Nine Eleven

We came to America on September 1999. Or friend’s picked up us from JFK… We went to live with them in Bernardsville, New Jersey… They lived in an apartment in front of an old train station… So next day, we asked if that train would take us to Manhattan. Our friends were afraid of us getting lost, but we took the train, anxious on getting to know  the most “cosmopolitan” city in the world only 45 minutes away… Once in Hoboken, we took the ferry heading right to the Twin Towers… It was a gorgeous day… And as we got closer to the TT we were amazed by it’s size… Believe us when we say, everybody abroad knew about the Twin Towers, that gave a special meaning to the city. These photos were taken that special day for us…Two years later, on 9/11, we went to work, where we were told about a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers… It was something unthinkable to happen in anyone’s mind, but it did… A huge feeling of hopeless and sadness invaded us… A day we will never forget…

"Twin Towers by Al Ojeda""Twin Towers by Al Ojeda""Twin Towers by Al Ojeda""Twin Towers by Al Ojeda""Twin Towers by Al Ojeda"

"Twin Towers by Al Ojeda""Twin Towers by Al Ojeda"Al & Ida from Ojeda Photography