Textures I-Phone Mini Essay

This is what happens when a photographer, in this case, Al Ojeda, does his daily walking with a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and an i-phone… He comes home with a mini-essay of pics with lots of textures… 🙂

Al Ojeda Photography


I-Phone Camera – Mini Essay !!!

We had some things to do in the City yesterday, and didn’t feel like going through heavy traffic, etc., so we took the train in Raritan towards Penn Station… On our way back to New Jersey, we started playing with our i-phones taking pics that became a mini-essay… 😉  Thought we should post them to show how neat results anyone can get out of an i-phone’s camera… With a little help of some applications, they can be corrected and/or enhanced… There are also “frames” for an extra touch…

It’s obvious, that at Al Ojeda Photography, we live through photography since even on a day off, we are still taking pics…