Your Day, Your Way

So when looking for any vendor to provide you with services for your big day, make sure you DO get what you are looking for. Your wedding is about YOU, not the vendor’s taste.

Let’s talk about it in deep with a simple example: When you are working on your bouquet palette colors with a professional florist, she/he shows you a portfolio with a variety of items… You automatically go for your favorite colors or the ones that match the theme that you are working on, right? The florist doesn’t push you on another way, offering something completely different… The florist would never do that, because she/he is willing to accommodate to your needs.

The same applies on your wedding photography coverage. When looking for your wedding photographer in particular, you should be asked about your preferred photography style/s. A professional wedding photographer should be able to match any. Photographers, as artists, may have their own preferences, but when you are the one tying the knot, you are entitled to have your own vision and taste, so that or those should be the main focus… Wedding photographers can add a little personal touch but always respecting your wishes, whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary, photojournalistic or a mix of wedding photography styles.

Remember: Your Day, Your Way…

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