Capturing the “soul”

Here we were asked to do headshots for Lu, an aspiring actress and singer… Easy to work with, so natural, she gave us a variety of poses and attitudes… On her words, as the camera was shooting, her mind was focused on: “hire me”… Which is the whole idea and made it a smooth process on capturing her soul. Lu wanted also some pics for her website, for that, she turned into another gal, delivering a variety of different pieces that we are glad to share here… You can see she has that “actors” feeling and that for her, it’s second nature being in front of a camera…

Lu is a Dramatic Literature, Theatre grad form the George Washington University in DC. She has started her signing path as the vox for the “Days of Season” band with Fuma in the guitars and John Casale in the drums… Their debut album: “Turning Point”. Lu also composed all the songs and with the other members of the band, created a unique pop rock sound…

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Wedding Photography – Film vs. Digital

Having started our Photography journey in the Film era, makes us think in the differences between the old fashioned Film and the Digital SLR era…

Film would come as color, B&W, slides or even Polaroid… They would come as 35mm, 120mm, large formats… You used less batteries… You had the beauty of wider spectrum of grays, middle tones… But, you were not able to check if a pic was well exposed or out of focus (no liquid crystal display), it was a matter of developing your film to find out what you got… The dark room was a pleasure to work at, you could put hours and days to get perfect copies…

Digital is a complete different concept. SLR cameras can capture raw, jpg large/fine, large/med, large/low, etc, different files/size images… You can take more pictures, since you don’t have that “film cost” issue… So, you went from taking 200/400 pics in a Wedding, to as many as you need… You take all pics in color and later on, in your new dark room: the computer, turn them into B&W, sepia and you can play with a variety of enhancements… With Digital, you tend to store your images in a DVD, CD, external disk, or keep them on files in your PC/laptop/Mac, you actually make less copies and just go through them on a screen…

For Wedding Photography purposes, Digital has become a friendlier way of taking care of business, but for those who started in the Film era, it’s a bitter-sweet feeling of leaving behind your first love…

At Al Ojeda Photography, we are committed to quality Photography Services…

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Photographic Essay – Music also touched my heart

Besides photography, music has been one big thing in my life, I guess making a circle on my passion to arts.

In my early stages, I studied flute a couple years, didn’t start young enough, and also had to work a regular job to pay the bills, so I had to let it go against my deepest feelings…

Years later, I decided to become a full time photographer. At some point, I started working on the idea of doing an essay of these two arts that were so close to my heart.

I went to Luis Szarán, who is the Director of the Asuncion Symphonic Orchestra, and ask him to allow me to go to their rehearsals and shoot, he kindly agreed…

Here are some pics of what I called “The Music in Movement”. It was shown first at an art gallery on March, 1999, and a couple months later at the inauguration of the Symphonic Orchestra’s Season that year in Asuncion, Paraguay.

All pictures were taken in film, so I scanned the proofs. This was one of my last essays before coming to USA.

I hope you enjoy my vision… 

Al Ojeda

A note about Luis Szarán:

Conductor, Composer and Musicologist. He studied in Asunción with José Luis Miranda. Then in Santa Cecilia’s Conservatory, Rome, with Massimo Pradella and Piero Belluggi. Perfected in international courses as: “Teatro Colón” from Buenos Aires with Hans Swarowsky; “Academia Chigiana” of Siena with Franco Ferrara; “Institute Francesco Cannetti” with Luciano Berio; “Bayreuth Festival” with Zwinieg Rudzinsky, to mention a few. From 1990 he has been managing the Symphonic Orchestra of the City of Asunción (OSCA), and is also the Director of the Chamber Orchestra Philomusica de Asunción. He has conducted noted orchestras worldwide, earned numerous prizes, national and international recognitions, and is also dedicated to spread the music amongst young neediest on the Paraguayan countryside through his organization: “Sonidos de la Tierra”.


Photographers: Another E-Scam

It looks like scammers are working hard to get us, in less than a week we got another one. If you receive an email similar to the following, don’t respond:

comments = Dear Al Ojeda,

This is a requisition for your fotography services.  I am Steve Huso. Based in London.  My wedding is coming up on  October 9, 2010. Pleese I will want to hire your service to be the photographer on my wedding day in London.  I am sorting an america photographer because I really want to make the wedding event a wonderfull day for my American fiance.

You will cover the whole events from Getting ready, Ceremony, and the Reception.  I want you  to capture the atmosphere of the event so that we can relive  the special day moment by moment, photo by photo, for a lifetime. Capture all those little moments that make the wedding day incredible. Also, I will want you to make an album from the event.I will prefer popular flush mount albums that are custom designed.

I am  of the opinion that you are capable to provide the incredible services as requested.Please accept my sincerest appreciation on behalf of my fiance, in advance for your willingness to render your services.

Kind Regard,

Steve Huso

We do have a wedding on the day posted, but anyway by curiosity, googled the request for photo services because it sounded suspicious… Brides and/or Grooms have a very different approach when looking for photo services…

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Photographers: be aware of E-Scams

Most Photographers know about them, but for those who have never gotten one, here is what we do: Whenever we receive a weird-suspicous kind of email resquesting photo services, we go immediately to google, type any address, name from it and check if anyone else has had received one of them. Usually, we are right, and can read in any photography related forum that someone else has received similar “emails”…  Trust your guts, don’t be fooled.

Here is the email we received a couple days ago:


My name is Joe and my wife’s name is Pamela, we live and work as wine sellers(wholesale/retail) in England and China and will be relocating to the State of New Jersey, USA on the 12th of October,2010.

I came across your contact information on the internet after my online search for a photographer and I hereby write to request if you will be available to offer 4hours of photographic services for the celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary on our arrival to the States. Myself,my wife,my lovely daughter-Debbie and about 12 family members and friends will be present.

Could you please provide answers to these questions if you are interested in this offer

1)Will you be available to provide this service on any date between October 15th and 20th? if so what precise date will be fine for you so as to include this in our plan?
2)What is your address location in New Jersey so as to estimate how close you are to us ?

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my phone no: +447405591742               +447405591742 

Joe Akins
27 Camberwell Green,
London, SE5 7AN

We found this same email with different addresses on it. As you can see, ours is from somone located in “London” (the address is actually from Haart, a  Realtor Company) whereas other colleagues have gotten the exact same but from some country in Africa, Asia, etc.

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My laptop said: Game Over

Just like years ago when my son was a child and we would play video games, I would fall short and get the infamous: game over, a couple weeks ago, my laptop said: game over… Suddenly, the screen turned black… I waited for a couple minutes to see if it was too hot and maybe that was the reason why it wouldn’t work… I tried an hour later, nothing, three hours later it just wouldn’t turn back on…

Removing the cover to get the hard drive.

 I didn’t want to panic, but it was scary… If you think that I had all my Wedding Photography business paperwork stored there… Deep in my mind I was worried… I had a back up, but from March, not good enough…

Easy hard drive removing.

 Al went to his computer to “google” what could be done… he read some different ways to make it start again, but nothing would work… We opened the back of the laptop and moved the hard drives from one place to the other trying all options… Nothing…

Removing the metal chassis.

 Same day, we went to get a new laptop… We commented what happened to the guy at the store, he offered the services of a “computer geek” who would be able to rescue my files for a certain amount of money, we looked at each other and decided we would get those files ourselves somehow…

The hard drive without the chassis.

 From a Google (what a great friend !!!) search, Al learned that there is a S – ATA & IDE adaptor that could rescue my files… so he order it from California  for $30 and week later, I was getting all my precious files back !!!

Removing the original plastic adapter from SATA to the connection to the laptop.

 Of course, now I have an external disk, which I should have had from the beginning, like Al does… But it feels pretty awesome to get things done without paying big dollars… Al is the Best… Yaaaaaaaay !!!

You can see the SATA connection of the drive.

 My advise, if you ever think you lost all your files after a computer brake down, don’t panic, there is hope, get an adapter !!! Even better, don’t work without an external disc !!!

Connecting hard drive with the usb adapter, using the SATA.

Finally, files are getting rescued.

Ida from Al Ojeda Photography


The Wedding Salon Event @ The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC

The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC

Meredith Davis, from The Wedding Salon Event, was so kind on Monday to tour us throughout the floor of The Roosevelt Hotel explaining the way the event is coordinated and how vendors can take advantage of this affair which is held twice a year.


Al Ojeda shoot some images which we are sharing to glimpse at, they reflect all efforts done by the Organization, Hotel and Vendors.

Beautiful ideas for Brides were showcased in each room of the magnificent Roosevelt Hotel in the Big Apple.

Photos by Al Ojeda Photography


April Promotion !!!

Al Ojeda Photography is offering 1 11×14 and 2 8×10 enlargements in any Wedding Packages that are booked in April !!! Please mention: Facebook/Blog promotion.

The sometimes underestimated Wedding Photographer

Being a Pro Wedding Photographer requires having decent professional equipment (not necessarily the most expensive), the knowledge on how to use it under pressure on a day that will go with a crazy speed and no second chances to repeat any image… He/she/them, need to be skilled in various fields of photography:

1 – Photojournalistic Style; being capable to tell a story in pictures. Knowing what is important to show to really document that day, no nonsense images…

Guests reaction to a kiss... by Al Ojeda

2 – Product Photography; shooting “details” are in some ways, shooting “products” without having 3 lights in a studio and doing it quickly, you don’t have all the time in the world to do it…  


3 – Portrait Photography; you need to use the light properly to illuminate the subject and guide the Bride and/or groups to pose to look their best. Brides, Grooms, guests, aren’t professional models, they are not familiar with posing, so in few minutes you have to capture them in a way they’d look natural, relaxed…

Bride's Portrait by Al Ojeda

That’s why we say that sometimes the Wedding Photographer is underestimated, because it really requires expertise handling all those skills in a hectic journey…

Brides & Grooms: check thoughtfully all portfolios before booking !!!

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Wedding Details

A Wedding Photographer knows that every little detail that a Bride has worked so hard for, has to be photographed as part of the documenting process.

The Bride can simply keep the pictures to dig into them as time goes by after the Big Day, or they can be also used for background purposes on the final Album.

So each time we cover a Wedding, we look everywhere, for any special different things that we can see that are there for some reason, and it has the Bride’s thought/creativity/illusion/fantasy/statement/point of view… champagne flutes engraved with the names of the Bride & Groom, guests seating cards, table centerpieces, gifts, wedding cake, favors, etc., following the  Wedding Theme chosen.

Being Artists give us freedom to take subjective shoots, but never forgetting we are offering a Photography Service which compromises someone else’s memories and in that Service, there’re also “Details” not to be missed.

Al Ojeda Photography

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