Modern Bride “Going Green” with Favors by Serendipity

Eileen Langdon is the Owner of Favors by Serendipity… based in California, she delivers to anywhere in USA… Her products have been featured in many Magazines… There are a lot of favors, wedding essentials, invitations, etc, listed in her website, but if you need a “special favor” that is more “YOU”, Eileen is willing to work on a custom one…

While going through the variety of wedding favors that “Favors by Serendipity” has to offer, I wanted to share with our Brides this gem: the Plantable Daisy Wedding Favor Pod Seed Packets… They include a personalized card, a unique and affordable alternative to more expensive favors, an excellent gift for all your wedding party or guests… They have the “plus” of being a modern Bride “Going Green” item. So cute, the entire Daisy Pod can be planted and the stylish mesh bags can be recycled for other purposes.

This is just one of the many beautiful favors/items that Favors by Serendipity has… We invite you to check their Website… Make sure you also read Eileen’s Blog for lots of tips, ideas and wedding related stories, everything for the Brides to Be…

Contact: – 800 320 2664


Ida from Al Ojeda Photography – NJ Wedding Photographers

Featured at Your Wedding Whisperer’s Blog !!!!

We’ve been featured at Your Wedding Whisperer, Eileen Langdon’s blog… She runs Favors by Serendipity !!!

Here is what they said:

We were contacted recently by Ida of Al Ojeda Photography in New Jersey. We checked out their site, and, well…wow.

"NJ Wedding Photographers - Al Ojeda Photography"

What do we love so much about Al Ojeda Photography? The way they catch people in the act of being funny, fun, gorgeous and themselves, while maintaining a truly professional shot.

Oh, and hey, guess what. Other people seem to love them too!

Just beautiful. They cover the New York tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). So give them a call and let us know what you think…and as always, send us your favorite shots so we can ooh and ah over your special day!

Thanks Eileen Langdon !!! Check out her blog for lots of helpful tips and ideas for the Brides to Be… !!!

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