Photobooth Madness !!!

Weddings are about celebrating the start of a couple’s life together surrounded by family and friends… Photobooths are a great addition to make the party even more enjoyable… All guests are invited to come into the Photobooth and make funny faces in front of the camera… Late night, the Bride and Groom receive all pics taken in a nice book for them to review after the wedding is over… They sure enjoy going through all those pics… Even the photographers get fun photos from the small room in which things can go wild…

Photobooth Madness !!!

Sample of how a final book can look....

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Our Blog’s First Birthday…

Almost 10,000 views and 90 posts after… We were working for some time on the idea of using this popular online tool… It’s been a year !!!… Truth is at the beginning we were not sure about the results, so far, all people who talk about how useful blogs are, were absolutely right… It has positioned us higher in google searches, helping us reaching out more couples through tags to venue names, etc…

It’s been a long year of writing about our experiences, also about what we think is relevant info to Brides and Grooms, posting wedding photographs, and why not, writing about some personal stuff to make it friendlier showing our human side… 😉

Today’s couples are “computer savvy”, why not handle them with info that might be interesting… Us, being photographers, we provide them with wedding photos to check our professionalism, quality, flexibility-easiness, our capability in mixing styles and most importantly, reflecting our passion !!!

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Wauwinet Inn, Nantucket Wedding Photos

Destination Wedding… Here featuring an Album Layout from a Wedding held at The Wauwinet Inn in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Luxurious is the word to describe the Hotel… We stayed for two nights… On Friday, Rehearsal Dinner, on Saturday the Wedding with a marvelous day full of joy…

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Free Engagement Session on 2011 and 2012 Weddings

Engagement pic by Al Ojeda Photography


Our free engagement session promotion is extended for all 2011  and  2012 weddings when booking us with any Wedding Photography Package that includes an album… Don’t miss this great opportunity !!! Call/email us for details !!!

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Advantages of having a Second Shooter in a Wedding

A Second Shooter will take some extra candids while the Lead Photographer is covering a variety of situations, ex.: let’s say the Lead Photographer is shooting the Groom with the Groomsmen, meanwhile the Second Shooter could be taking pics of the Bride having fun with her Bridesmaids… Those are nice pics to have…

At a Church, the Lead Photographer will be shooting from the altar the entrance of family members, bridesmaids and the bride, meanwhile a Second Photographer can be in the back taking pics before the bride’s entrance, with her dad or mom, those moments of anxiety… And then, the beauty of the bride doing her entrance from the back…

There are super short ceremonies lasting only 10 to 15 minutes, with 2 Photogs, you sure get pics from all sides… One only Photographer can’t move that fast to cover everything in such tight timing…

When getting ready, ceremony and receptions are held in different locations, a Second Photographer can be the driver… So the Lead can jump out of the car and do his/her thing without wasting time looking for a parking spot…

Also, you get another point of view, remember each individual Photographer has his/her own personal style…

At Al Ojeda Photography, we always work as a team no matter how big or small a Wedding is !!!

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Extending Free E-Session for Wedding Photo Services Booked during October, 2010

We are extending the Free Engagement Session when booking us with any of our Wedding Photography Packages that inlcude an album to all Contracts signed during October, 2010. Just mention you saw this freebie in our Blog, Twitter or Facebook. 

Includes: 1 hour engagement session at location, a CD with selected and edited images in high and low resolution (printing and online purposes) as well as an online gallery. Copyrights to images. Travel fees may apply.

Remember, E-Sessions helps the Photographer understand your style, getting familiar with each other, and you get to have fun while you learn a lot about how to pose, which is a fantastic training for the Big Day!!!

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The Shadowbrook Wedding Photos

Wedding photos taken at The Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Lovely couple… Lovely place.

The Shadowbrook Wedding Photo

The Shadowbrook Wedding Photo

The Shadowbrook Wedding Photo

The Oak Room, The Shadowbrook Wedding Photo

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Wedding Vendors Working as a Team

This post is about how great it can be when vendors are on the same page, only looking for the couples Big Day to be the best it could be…

We were shooting a Wedding following the Limousine to The Imperia on Easton Somerset… the bride, dad and bridesmaids were inside…

Limo got to The Imperia on Easton Somerset

We are pretty good managing to follow a Limo, in this case we lost it at a traffic light that was too RED to continue… but then, we saw about 100 yards in front of us the Limo with it’s back lights flashing on the side of the road waiting for us…

It came to us as a surprise that the limo driver was cheking if we were behind him and once he realized we lost him, took the decision to wait so that the bride could have the pictures of her getting out of the Limousine at her arrival to the venue…

So we thanked him so much for beeing so nice and requested a business card, we told him we would write a blog post about how professional he was in order to provide a couple a perfect day in every little detail…

The company’s name is VG Limousine, they are conveniently located in Central Jersey… if looking for professional Limousine Services, this Company is the Best.

VGLimousine’s info: – 9083591631

Pictures of course are from Al Ojeda Photography !!! New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Covering the TriState Area – Destination Weddings

Wedding Photos at The Manor, West Orange, New Jersey

Some Al Ojeda Photography images from a Wedding held at The Manor in West Orange, New Jersey.

Al Ojeda Photography

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About our Wedding Photography Style

As Professional Photographers, our first goal is to satisfy the Couples point of view… Then, we take license to do our own creative stuff, but only if the Couples are willing to do something different, without pushing… There should be the right mood/attitude for it, otherwise it will look forced, not natural, with no gratifying results…

Al has strong composition skills, he uses any type of backgrounds to make a sight look beautiful… It could be any sight, an old barn, a nice corner in the venue… He goes further more, he uses his flash in different ways to create a fantastic atmosphere…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers - Bridgewater Manor Wedding Photos"Ida is more into a specific moment, she waits patiently when she knows a tear or laugh is coming… She loves arranging details in different ways, creating tasteful shoots…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers"We like knowing what the Couple’s dream pictures are… Taking notes to have a perfect idea of what we are doing on their Big Day… We are there to capture the essence of their Wedding in their vision combined with our creativity…

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