Special Wedding Touch: Have a Caricature Artist

Weddings are all about gathering families and friends celebrating a big day full of fun. Today we are featuring this wedding in which the couple hired a Caricature Artist… Unfortunately, we don’t have the artist’s name, but we wanted to share how amazingly talented this people are bringing a special touch to a  wedding or event.

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographer"

Wedding-Caricature-Artist-1The groom’s smile is on the making with perfect results…

From a wedding we shot for our friends from Majestic Entertainment.

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Deirdre Mahon and why you need a Professional MUA

Our friend Deirdre Mahon, who runs DeeVa Beauty, explains why you need a professional make up artist for your wedding or special event…

"Deirdre Mahon - New Jersey Make Up Artist"

"Deirdre Mahon - New Jersey Make Up Artist"

Deirdre Mahon, Owner of DeeVa Beauty LLC – “Beautiful… Inside Out” – Conveniently located in Nutley, she covers North and Central Jersey and some closer areas of East PA – 908.247.0244 – website – facebook – blog – pinterest

We interviewed Deirdre… Click here to read it…


At Al Ojeda Photography, we highly recommend using Deirdre’s services for any special occasion (engagement session, wedding, sweet sixteen, boudoir session, etc). She is super personable, super professional, uses quality products without breaking your bank account. Make sure you check her out.

Al & Ida

How to Use Your E-Pics

Engagement sessions are great for many reasons:

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographer - Easel Photo"

  • Getting acquaintance/hang out with your photographer and have fun while learning some useful “cheat the camera” posing tips…If a little shy, great training for the big day to loosen up in front of the camera…
  • Photos can be used in different ways: save the dates, added to the wedding programs, signature frames (see photo) after the wedding, the e-pic used can be replaced with one of the big day’s photos, photo frame place card holders, creating custom designed guestbooks, etc.
  •  After the wedding, when the couple welcome kids and they grow up, they can see how their parents looked like before they got married in professionally taken pics…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographer"

Engagement photo of Heather and Greg, they made a huge enlargement and placed it in front of the candy bar table, yet another creative way on how to use e-pics (make sure you get high resolution photos). Al was like: how nice, I want a photo of me standing on its side.

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Converting Color Photos to B&W

Brides & Grooms, as photographers nowadays more than often give you the rights to your wedding photos, you can play converting color photos to B&W.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers "

This is something really easy to do, but take in consideration that programs/apps that turn color to B&W aren’t smart enough to read skin tones, so if you notice skins look funny, you do want to correct that with the levels or contrast tool.

Pic taken at the Peter Shields Inn.

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Helpful Wedding Invitation Tips by Forever Friends Stationery

The average engaged couple spends an entire year planning for their wedding day and there is a certain look and feel that each couple wants for their affair.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

During the process, wedding colors and a theme gets chosen. Then, eventually the venue will be decided. One important element that should not be left for the last minute is your wedding invitations as they play a very important role. Save-the-dates only tell half of the story because until you send out your wedding invitations, most of your guests don’t know when and where your ceremony or reception will take place. Therefore, they are a really big deal.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

Keep in mind when looking for your invitations that they do more than tell your guests the times and locations, they also let guests know the kind of wedding to expect. So, if you are planning a fun Peacock Themed Wedding, choose an invitation that features a peacock’s colors or perhaps even the imprint of a peacock feather.
Once you’ve found the invitation that matches the atmosphere you want for your special day, ordering them on time is just as important. Try to place your order at least 8-12 weeks before your wedding day as it will give you at least two weeks to check your proofs for mistakes before they are printed. Reading through the proofs is very important. You want to be sure that the names; the date; the time of both ceremony and reception; the location of the ceremony as well as the reception; directions and all the other wedding details are printed correctly. Also, you must have a response card, with the date, that gives you enough time to come up with a total head count for your affair. You should allow for a three to four (3-4) week response time for your guests to reply back; for example, if your wedding day is Saturday, July 22nd the response date to be printed on the card would be June 22nd. Even if it looks good to you, have at least one of your friends read it through just in case you might have missed something.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

Once your invitations are printed, they should be in the mail no later than four (4) weeks before your special day, however, if you are planning a destination wedding, sending your invitations out at least eight (8) weeks before the wedding day is recommended to give guests time to make necessary arrangements before they travel. One last tip is to make sure you have the post office hand-cancel your outer envelopes. This way your wedding invitations don’t get ruined by going through the machine.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

By Beth Fruchtman owner of Forever Friends – Fine Stationery and Favors.

About Beth in her own words: I’ve been a creative person ever since I was a little girl. I loved drawing and painting! I wanted to find a way to bring my creative flare, combined with my advertising degree, to the business world.

Contact: 516.721.2635 – rbfhold@hotmail.com


Guest appearance from one of our Preferred Vendors: Forever Friends. Thanks Beth for sharing your expertise with Brides and Grooms to Be.

Photos in this post have Forever Friends Copyrights.

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Grooms Nicely Blown Away by Brides

Love the Men’s Warehouse advertising that goes: “when everybody else is looking at her, she’ll be looking at you”… Some Brides are not only looking at their Grooms, they thought to astonish them with a cake that has a theme/decoration they relate to…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - Groom Wedding Cake photos"

Here sharing some of those happily surprised Grooms that got a special cake: the ones who love cars, the musicians, or the ones who happen to enjoy a special holiday like Halloween !!! Nice touch: from the Bride to the Groom, with love…

Any Bride out there who wants to share what she will do to spoil her Groom?

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Your Day, Your Way

So when looking for any vendor to provide you with services for your big day, make sure you DO get what you are looking for. Your wedding is about YOU, not the vendor’s taste.

Let’s talk about it in deep with a simple example: When you are working on your bouquet palette colors with a professional florist, she/he shows you a portfolio with a variety of items… You automatically go for your favorite colors or the ones that match the theme that you are working on, right? The florist doesn’t push you on another way, offering something completely different… The florist would never do that, because she/he is willing to accommodate to your needs.

The same applies on your wedding photography coverage. When looking for your wedding photographer in particular, you should be asked about your preferred photography style/s. A professional wedding photographer should be able to match any. Photographers, as artists, may have their own preferences, but when you are the one tying the knot, you are entitled to have your own vision and taste, so that or those should be the main focus… Wedding photographers can add a little personal touch but always respecting your wishes, whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary, photojournalistic or a mix of wedding photography styles.

Remember: Your Day, Your Way…

A similar post was featured at I Just Said Yes, a blog that has tips to planning an elegant wedding on a budget.

At Al Ojeda Photography, we have what it takes to “read” your preferred photo styles providing you with memories for a lifetime!

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DIY – Creative over the Hudson…

Mr. and Mrs. Kollmer had a very special wedding and went above and beyond creative on board of the Festiva Yacht…

"Festiva Yacht Wedding Photos"The Bride had hand made most of the details for her big day… Main color theme: pale blue along with touches of green, damascus, rose, lilac… Her bouquet was completely made out of decorated cardboard adding small ivory flowers… For her bridesmaids, amazing wind mills with matching colors instead of the traditional bouquets… Her simple yet gorgeous ivory gown had a blue ribbon for a touch of color… For the groom and groomsmen, small windmills, again with matching colors as boutonnieres… Instead of having flower arrangements for tables centerpieces, she did more wind mills in plain matching colors cardboard inserted into pails… For a flurry of magical bubbles she placed the tinny bottles with a delicate blue ribbon in a cute pail handled to guests while arriving to the Ceremony. There was also a fully decorated bubble machine for the flower girl and ring bearer to play with during the whole evening… Over a table, a cardboard with a tree with photos of Kyla and John during their engaged days, that was the spot were tiny leaves were supposed to be placed with a small message to the B & G… Even the envelope box was made by this hard working Bride…

"Festiva Yacht Wedding Photos"At the Ceremony, one of the Bridesmaids read “I love you so…” (by Marianne Richmond) with sweet touching words… The vows were also particularly special, made the guests laugh or fall into tears, even us, we got a little distracted by them, when we usually don’t take too much attention on what’s been said focusing on doing our job… The Rings were passed on each guest asking them to make a wish for the newlyweds while in their hands… And at the end, instead of walking down the isle, they ran…

"Festiva Yacht Wedding Photos"This a real DIY wedding…  They did hire though, a Pro Photographer making sure the photo aspect of their big day was properly covered !!!

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Wedding Album Design – Tips to DIY

We shoot weddings in a Photojournalistic style and the couples point of view which we discuss when we meet. In the process of designing an album, we use the images “telling the story” in a sequential way so that when you go through all pages, you can imagine the flow of events of the day. For the first and last page though, you want to use a great couple photo, after all, it is their Big Day !!!

As backgrounds we use sometimes detail pictures, the color of the bridesmaids dresses, etc.

At Al Ojeda Photography we carry a variety of professional albums in different sizes:

  • Coffee Table Books, reminiscent to art books.
  • Flush Mount, actual pictures mounted on thin or thick cardboard.

Albums are Custom Designed with photos selected by our Brides and Grooms !!!

For Couples that are in the DIY mood using companies where they can create and order their own albums: guys, just follow the idea of telling the story of your special day… and you can accomplish pretty nice results !!!

Featured Layout is from a Wedding  held at The Imperia on Easton, Somerset, New Jersey.

The Imperia on Easton Wedding Photos

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When Hello Kitty & Pac Man meet as a Wedding Theme

This was a very cute wedding theme: Pac Man and Hello Kitty… The couple worked in detail on their wedding theme, something fun that was close to their hearts and meant a lot to who they are… DIY, stationery by the Bride, including the menu, invitations, etc…. Cake decoration by the Groom…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers- Natirar Wedding Photos - Ninety Acres Wedding Photos""" Even the bouquet, from Jerry Rose Floral and Event Design, had a full range of Hello Kitties from the bride’s collection inserted…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers- Natirar Wedding Photos - Ninety Acres Wedding Photos"""

Natirar Wedding Photos – Ninety Acres Wedding Photos – More wedding photos of this wedding can be seen at a previous post!

Located in Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey

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