AC Boardwalk

So after a busy summer weekend, we decided to book a hotel room close to where the last wedding was held, Atlantic City. We’ve been several times to AC but never got to check out the boardwalk… As usual, took our cameras and got inspired… Following are some of the pics taken…

"Al Ojeda Photography - Atlantic City Photos"

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Hot summer day, we took a break from the heat at the Pier Shops Caesars.

Atlantic City Photos

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Hoboken Photos

Hoboken is part of the New Jersey Gold Coast… In the past a blue collar town, it has become a hip place to live in… It keeps a lot of the early 1900s architecture… Manhattan has a magnificent view from it…

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Al and Ida were at Hoboken with their cameras capturing their vision of this town, they gave the pics a “silver toning” which works nicely on the photographs.

Photos by Al Ojeda Photography

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West Coast Vacation

Mixing a lil personal stuff in our blog to share some photos of a trip we made to the West Coast: LA, Vegas, Grand Canyon and San Francisco… In the future will post more “artistic” photos…

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There are so  many places to visit in USA… Each one, has it’s own beauty, character…

We always travel with very limited luggage, not surprisingly for photographers, almost half of it: photography equipment… 😉

Al and Ida Ojeda

Simplement, La Tour Eiffel

My Initial idea was to post pics Al took in Paris, but as I went through the photos, there were so many great Tour Eiffel photos, I had to do only one about it. Here they are…

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La Tour Eiffel is one of those huge landmarks in a big city, in Paris it can be seen from many places.

We went to Paris a few years ago in the fall, we were very lucky to have gorgeous days. “Le Metro”, the Seine Bateaux or just walking around with a map, was our way to get to know most of the city.

Will share with you in the future, in another post, more photographs from other aspects of Paris…

"Al Ojeda Photography - Paris Photos"

A little break to enjoy a “café au lait”.

Paris photos taken by Al Ojeda, Owner of Al Ojeda Photography

Ida Ochoteco – Al Ojeda Photography

Somerville, NJ – Just Beautiful

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Somerville, the Capital of Somerset County in New Jersey, is just a beautiful town!

Al Ojeda carries a camera wherever he goes… Recently, on a gorgeous day, he went to Somerville to check an Antique Shop (he loves looking at the variety of items you can find in this type of shops) but, it was early and it wasn’t open yet, so he looked around and he was like: “this is such a nice town, maybe I should start shooting my Fujifilm X100″… Here are some of the pics he came out with…

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Garden State !!!

All jerseyans, we are so proud of our State nicknamed Garden State… We know people from other States make fun from the name cause they might have only been to Newark Airport or a big city like Trenton… But we got pretty good stuff here… We have quite a few cities listed on the best cities to live in the USA… Our town, Hillsborough, is in the 2011 top 100 in the  #51 position… 🙂

Sunflowers in bloom at Duke Farms, Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Al Ojeda Photography

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Old Québec

Québec is located in the Saint Lawrence River valley… Old Québec is an UNESCO world heritage treasure, by the photos taken you can say it’s a well deserved honor to be one… 400 years of history in the cradle of French civilization in North America… Each stone in the old district is perfectly in place, beautiful flowers everywhere, making it a paradise for tourists and photographers… Their French cuisine, is out of this world, of course, not the best choice if on a diet…

Al Ojeda Photography


We felt we should add “Leisure” to our categories, since we have so many photos from places we’ve been to… Travel photos are another way to showcase our passion for photography… In this first series, we picked Nashville to be featured… The photos were taken on a cold winter trip to this gorgeous city. Some pics are “landmarks” like the AT&T building, the Sommet Center where the Predators play, The Convention Center, The Titans Stadium, also representative to the area, details like boots and hats, or the  many places where to savor food and drinks … Hope you enjoy them…

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