Ambient DJ, Wedding Vendor Goes Above and Beyond

How would a wedding photographer decide who to select to be in their “preferred vendors” list? Having known Gregg Hollmann of Ambient DJ for some time, he was a must choice to be in ours. The following story confirms what we already knew about Gregg: M & C booked us last year for their 4th of July wedding at the Perona Farms, they also found Gregg at our facebook fan page and decided to use him. The wedding day was going as smooth as you would expect, but at some point in the middle of the reception, little Jad (the bride and groom’s son), as any kid his age, was getting tired and cranky…

"Gregg Hollmann of Ambient DJ, photo by Al Ojeda Photography" "Gregg Hollmann of Ambient DJ, photo by Al Ojeda Photography""Gregg Hollmann of Ambient DJ, photo by Al Ojeda Photography""Gregg Hollmann and DJ Spinz, photo by Al Ojeda Photography "Gregg Hollmann of Ambient DJ, photo by Al Ojeda Photography" "Gregg Hollmann of Ambient DJ, photo by Al Ojeda Photography"

So the bride went to Gregg’s DJ setting/booth and asked him if he would let Jad see how a DJ’s gear works. While the reception was in full running mode as the dance floor was packed with guests dancing, Gregg made Jad smile again, actually, this effort made Jad happy till the end of the night. Here are photographs proving those special moments in which Gregg went above and beyond, proving wedding vendors can be sensitive to all human situations accommodating to people’s needs and why Gregg is in our preferred vendors list.

Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographers

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Invitations by Tracey

We love Tracey of “Invitations by Tracey”. So we wanted to share with our couples and friends a few things about her in her own words:

How I got started: My father owned a printing company. One of my first memories of it was going in there and playing with the giant books of wedding invitations. When it came time to replace one of the books, he would bring the old ones home for me. While most children play store, or school, I was playing wedding invitation consultant.

I started working there right of out of high school in between college classes. I got started filing negatives, delivering giant boxes of printing to different places, getting lunch for my colleagues, and shipping things. I started at the bottom. I hated it then, and I did it for years! But now I look back and I appreciate my dad so much for starting me there.

"Invitations by Tracey - NJ Wedding Invitations"

I remember the first couple I met with. I was still in my teens! Immediately I was drawn to them. I loved getting to know them, hearing how they met. And I thought, this is what I want to do. Before I knew it, it was a full time job and I have been doing it ever since!

My favorite thing is asking these couples how they met. I have heard it all!

Some of the most unique invitations I have done: I absolutely love themed weddings. Some of the most unique themes I have done are Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Twilight themes.

For other occasions I specialize in dog theme invites. Puppy showers, puppy birthday parties, you name it I do it. My love of dogs always shows in these invites.

"Al Ojeda Photography - Invitations by Tracey"

My advice for couples tying the knot looking for invitations would be: Once you set your date and times, start looking and ordering. It is one thing you can do early on and one less thing to stress over.  Utilize your maids! That is what they are there for. Have a girls night, get some wine and take out, and have an envelope stuffing party! There are plenty of ways to make it fun so your maids won’t feel overwhelmed.

Invitations by Tracey is a division of S & M Press, Inc. S & M has been listed in the Inc 500. Certified dealer for Carlson Craft & Birchcraft. Winner of the Carlson Craft distinguished dealer award for ten years straight.

Invitations by Tracey – Your one stop shop for your printing needs – Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, folders, flyers, direct mailers and more.

Contact: 973.546.6111 – – website – twitterpinterest – facebook

"Al Ojeda Photography - Invitations by Tracey"

Tracey with Emily who is a member of Al Ojeda Photography’s family…

Al Ojeda Photography (photos) and DeeVa Beauty (make up) teamed up for this two pics of Tracey. Hair by Angela Serritella.

Ultrafonk Entertainment

Excited to present our wedding industry colleague Raul Chiriboga of Ultrafonk:

Ultrafonk Entertainment is a full service entertainment company based in Jersey City, NJ. Ultrafonk runs under the direction of Raul Chiriboga, in 2013 Portuguese DJ and MC Frankie Gravato joined Ultrafonk, after collaborating together in 2012 Raul and Frankie decided to work together under one name and bring to life their passion for well-produced events, bringing a combination of music, lighting and event design.

"Ultrafonk  DJ and Photobooths"Services include bilingual DJ and MC talent (English, Spanish and Portuguese), Lighting design, Event production, Percussionists, Photobooths. To learn more about Ultrafonk , visit their website (Ultrafonk’s complete info can be found at the end of the post).

"Ultrafonk DJ and Photobooth Services Photos"

Pictures were taken by Al Ojeda Photography on Weddings we had the pleasure to work with Raul of Ultrafonk. We know by first hand experience how Brides & Grooms are happy with Ultrafonk’s services. Ultrafonk has wonderful reviews at the Wedding Wire, make sure you read them.

website – facebook – twitterPinterest – Phone: 866.265.9335 – Email

Deirdre Mahon and why you need a Professional MUA

Our friend Deirdre Mahon, who runs DeeVa Beauty, explains why you need a professional make up artist for your wedding or special event…

"Deirdre Mahon - New Jersey Make Up Artist"

"Deirdre Mahon - New Jersey Make Up Artist"

Deirdre Mahon, Owner of DeeVa Beauty LLC – “Beautiful… Inside Out” – Conveniently located in Nutley, she covers North and Central Jersey and some closer areas of East PA – 908.247.0244 – website – facebook – blog – pinterest

We interviewed Deirdre… Click here to read it…


At Al Ojeda Photography, we highly recommend using Deirdre’s services for any special occasion (engagement session, wedding, sweet sixteen, boudoir session, etc). She is super personable, super professional, uses quality products without breaking your bank account. Make sure you check her out.

Al & Ida

Deirdre Mahon & DeeVa Beauty

Had so much fun interviewing our good friend Deirdre of DeeVa Beauty!

What sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Well it starts with great customer service and follows thru to delivering to the client what she wants.
I pride myself on being reliable, professional and always returning emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. But I am also fun, I love to laugh and have fun.
I also care about my brides. It isn’t just them hiring me for their wedding day to show up and do their makeup. When they book with me I follow up with skincare tips and advice to get their skin in top shape for their big day. I offer advice as to the necessary things they should have with them on their day that because they have never done this before might not know about. I follow up on how to plan and be ready for their morning before hair and makeup arrives.
And of course, I ‘give back’. I am so passionate about helping the abused and abandoned animals in the world that with each and every makeup I do I pull a % out of it and I give to help the animals. It is my small way of making a difference.

"New Jersey Wedding Photographer" "DeeVa Beauty Photos"

Do you also offer hairstyling services?
Yes, I have several excellent stylists’ that can offer my brides whatever look they desire.
Depending on how they see themselves on their day I know which stylist to pair them with.

Do you travel to the client?
Yes, absolutely, we provide hair and makeup services in the comfort of the clients home or hotel.
However, I do have a home studio for anyone to come to me and get their hair and makeup done as well. And my home studio is where I do the bridal trials and private makeup lessons.
It is also where you can meet my 5 children, Deeva, Lily, Boo Boo, Ozzie and Juicy….my two dogs and three cats, all rescues.

Where are you located? and What areas do you serve?
I am located in Nutley and have a home studio for trials and lessons.
I travel throughout the North /Central areas of Jersey, and some parts of PA

Who is your ideal client?
In a nut shell my ideal client is ME, lol
I think that could be said for many business owners depending on the particular service they provide, that their ideal client is them.
I love glamour and love when a bride desires to walk down the aisle looking glamorous.
Classy…. yes, elegant…yes. It goes without saying that you should be classy and elegant.
But if I was walking down the aisle I would want everyone who gazed upon me to say ‘WOW’!!!
A girl that is kind and caring in spirit, down to earth and fun in character… but LOVES to be the center of attention and is a ‘girly girl’…that’s my ideal client.

Why are you passionate about what you do?
I am a huge supporter of the female race. There is an old Chinese saying “Women hold up half the sky”. I disagree. I believe we hold up at least ¾ of it. I think we ROCK!!…but in doing everything for everyone else we many times lose our selves. We don’t take care of ourselves, we are too hard on ourselves, and we never seem to take time out to be ‘girls’ and have fun. Many never ever learned how to apply makeup to bring out their outer beauty. Many knew how to but forgot or gave up. I LOVE showing women or young girls how to feel good about themselves. Whether that is helping a 16 year old learn the appropriate way to start wearing makeup, a mature woman that is divorced and getting back into the dating game, a woman who lost weight and is now celebrating and showing herself off in a boudoir shoot…or a bride that never wears makeup but longs to walk down the aisle and have everyone say “WOW”!!!
I personally believe that we all have a little ‘glamour diva’ inside us longing to come out and I try to find the balance between the beauty she consciously perceives of and the beauty she subconsciously longs to possess.

Can you give the brides out there one or two helpful tips?
Well the first thing that pops into my head is try to relax and enjoy the ride. I know everyone says it.
But they say it because it is true. You plan and dream about this day for so long and it comes and goes so quickly. It is a shame that you don’t enjoy the WHOLE process. This is your wedding, the day that means you show the world and all those close to you your love for another human being that you plan and vow to spend the rest of your life with. The whole process of this love should be enjoyed and fun. I’m so sad when I see stressed out brides and brides that are disorganized and late to their own day.
I strive to put my brides at ease and make it fun and relaxed. I check in with them the day before to make sure they know I am still alive and will be there for them so they don’t stay up all night wondering if their makeup artist is going to show up.
But if I had to give one or two beauty tips…it would be to exfoliate on a regular basis to avoid dry skin build up, stay out of the sun at least a week or two before your big day, again to avoid dry skin and burning/peeling. Drink tons of water to hydrate skin and flush your insides to avoid the breakouts, and lastly get your eyebrows professional done a few days before your day.

"Al Ojeda Photography" "DeeVa Beauty Make Up and Hair Services"

Deirdre Mahon, Owner of DeeVa Beauty LLC – “Beautiful… Inside Out” – Conveniently located in Nutley, she covers North and Central Jersey and some closer areas of East PA – 908.247.0244 – websitefacebookblogpinterest


At Al Ojeda Photography, we highly recommend using Deirdre’s services for any special occasion (engagement session, wedding, sweet sixteen, boudoir session, etc). She is super personable, super professional and uses only quality products. Make sure you check her out.
Al & Ida

Helpful Wedding Invitation Tips by Forever Friends Stationery

The average engaged couple spends an entire year planning for their wedding day and there is a certain look and feel that each couple wants for their affair.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

During the process, wedding colors and a theme gets chosen. Then, eventually the venue will be decided. One important element that should not be left for the last minute is your wedding invitations as they play a very important role. Save-the-dates only tell half of the story because until you send out your wedding invitations, most of your guests don’t know when and where your ceremony or reception will take place. Therefore, they are a really big deal.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

Keep in mind when looking for your invitations that they do more than tell your guests the times and locations, they also let guests know the kind of wedding to expect. So, if you are planning a fun Peacock Themed Wedding, choose an invitation that features a peacock’s colors or perhaps even the imprint of a peacock feather.
Once you’ve found the invitation that matches the atmosphere you want for your special day, ordering them on time is just as important. Try to place your order at least 8-12 weeks before your wedding day as it will give you at least two weeks to check your proofs for mistakes before they are printed. Reading through the proofs is very important. You want to be sure that the names; the date; the time of both ceremony and reception; the location of the ceremony as well as the reception; directions and all the other wedding details are printed correctly. Also, you must have a response card, with the date, that gives you enough time to come up with a total head count for your affair. You should allow for a three to four (3-4) week response time for your guests to reply back; for example, if your wedding day is Saturday, July 22nd the response date to be printed on the card would be June 22nd. Even if it looks good to you, have at least one of your friends read it through just in case you might have missed something.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

Once your invitations are printed, they should be in the mail no later than four (4) weeks before your special day, however, if you are planning a destination wedding, sending your invitations out at least eight (8) weeks before the wedding day is recommended to give guests time to make necessary arrangements before they travel. One last tip is to make sure you have the post office hand-cancel your outer envelopes. This way your wedding invitations don’t get ruined by going through the machine.

"Forever Friends - Beth Fruchtman"

By Beth Fruchtman owner of Forever Friends – Fine Stationery and Favors.

About Beth in her own words: I’ve been a creative person ever since I was a little girl. I loved drawing and painting! I wanted to find a way to bring my creative flare, combined with my advertising degree, to the business world.

Contact: 516.721.2635 –


Guest appearance from one of our Preferred Vendors: Forever Friends. Thanks Beth for sharing your expertise with Brides and Grooms to Be.

Photos in this post have Forever Friends Copyrights.

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Bridal Bouquets and Photography – Perfect Together!

Excited to present today’s guest appearance, Georgianne from Monday Flowers:

Bridal Bouquets and Photography – Perfect Together!

Brides often tell me, “I want my flowers to look nice but they are only for the day” and that is true. Like everything on your wedding day, the flowers stay fresh only for that single day. When you think about it, don’t they bring much more to the event than that?   Let’s face it your bridal bouquet will be immortalized in your photos forever!
When I consult with brides I encourage them to bring inspiration photos showing bouquets and flowers they adore. Unlike words, these photos really give me a quick insight into their “floral” tastes. Many bring pictures of wedding bouquets that are taken up close. These are my favorites because I see exactly what flowers, color and texture they love.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos"How will your guests view you and your bouquet? Mostly they will see you from a distance. That is why I talk about what your bouquet will look like to your guests. Although you might not like certain flowers, they might be just the thing to give you that little bit of soft texture between blooms.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos"

You might be afraid to include greenery or color but without them the bouquet might just blend in with your dress and disappear.  Is there enough texture to see each flower or does it seems like one large bloom?  Although I’m a believer in your bouquet being an accent to your gown, I also believe it should get noticed.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace wedding photos"These principles of design, color and texture apply to professional photography too. Many photos will be taken at a distance, especially the group shots.  Not every photo of your bouquet a close up. Many will be taken outside, perhaps in bright sunlight.   A photo taken up close of pale pink roses will really show the rich pink tone. Transform your location outside in bright sunlight and your bouquet will certainly appear lighter, if not simply white.
Here are a few things to remember when you are choosing your flowers and colors for your wedding bouquet.
•    Most of the photos of your bouquet will be at a distance.  It’s just as important that you love the look of your bouquet from far away as you do close up.
•    Don’t be afraid of color. If your wedding is taking place during the time of year when you will most likely take photos outside, adding slightly richer tones will help that color show better.
•    Don’t be afraid to add greenery for softness or to help define the bouquet. Most flowers grow on plants that have foliage so adding light touches will help the bouquet look natural and also define the edges of your bouquet against your dress.
•    Don’t be afraid to speak to your photographer about your wedding bouquet. If getting lots of great photos of you with your bouquet is priority let them know. Giving them a heads up on what your bouquet will look like will give them time to think about how best to present you with your bouquet.
•    Last but not least, keep an open mind when choosing your flowers.  Flowers are grown by nature and the beauty of nature is that it’s ever changing and no two are ever the same. Don’t look for your flowers to be perfect, look for them to be beautiful!

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Palace wedding photos"

Georgianne Vinicombe owns Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co in Princeton, NJ and Yardley, Pa. She and her design team adore doing weddings and do over 90 wedding each year.  To see more of her wedding designs you can visit her wedding website at and she can be found on twitter as @mondayflowers . To schedule a wedding consultation you can reach her at 609.520.2005 or send her an email at


Thanks Georgianne !!! We love working with you, it’s so good to see our Bride’s happy faces when your team delivers their gorgeous bouquets and boutonnieres !!! It’s the perfect start of a memorable day in their lives !!!

Featured: The Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos

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Artistry in Wedding Photography and DJ Entertainment

Today, a Guest Appearance from our friend Gregg Hollmann who runs Ambient DJ:

Artistry in Wedding Photography and DJ Entertainment

Now more than ever, engaged couples are faced with a wealth of options for both wedding photographers and disc jockeys.  For example, a bride in Central New Jersey (New Brunswick) who visits and searches for a photographer will be confronted with 28 pages of wedding photographers, and 13 pages of disc jockey listings.  There are literally hundreds of wedding photographers and disc jockeys to select from! To provide some context, according to statistics published by the State of New Jersey, there were 46,643 marriages in the state during 2007 (the most recent year available).  What makes a great wedding photographer or a great wedding disc jockey?  Both of these professionals rely on expensive, high-tech equipment in practicing their crafts.  Both are expected to bring backup equipment to your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Of course, the cameras, tripods, speakers and CD players are only tools of the trade.  What counts is how a professional uses these tools of the trade to deliver exceptional results. In the realm of photography, an outstanding wedding photographer will not only capture the important moments of your day, but is able to visualize and then create timeless, artistic photos.  Similarly, on the music side, an exceptional disc jockey will draw from the many songs and musical genres on their palette, and present them in a personal and artistic way for the wedding couple and their guests.  At a wedding reception, the DJ helps to create the ambience, while the photographer captures it on film!

While found in different sectors of the arts, Al Ojeda Photography and Ambient DJ Service share many similarities. First and foremost, both of our companies are committed to delivering a high-quality and modern service with great emphasis on customer service.  Both of our companies tend to work at the finer banquet halls of Central NJ and beyond, for clients who are looking for an alternative to the traditional (and tired) offerings of some providers.  And finally, we both share a love of music and international travel!
Ambient DJ Service is proud to recommend Al Ojeda Photography to all of its current and prospective wedding clients!  Al and Ida are talented, experienced and passionate professionals who are at the top of their game.
With our passion being music, before signing off from this guest appearance, I will leave readers with ten suggested first dance songs to consider:
  1. You are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
  2. Two Love Birds – Robin Thicke
  3. We Have All the Time in the World – Louis Armstrong
  4. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
  5. Marry Me – Train
  6. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  7. The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson
  8. First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes
  9. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  10. Crazy Love – Van Morrison
Gregg Hollmann is the President of Ambient DJ Service based in East Windsor, NJ
WebsiteBlog – – 609-672-1270
First Dance - Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers
To our Brides and Grooms: Make sure you use AmbientDj for High Quality Entertainment Services – Contact Gregg who will work on your DJ needs with Professionalism and top notch Customer Service, your day will be a memorable one !!!

Thanks Gregg for a wonderful guest blog entry in our place… We appreciate you stopping by !!!
Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographers