David’s Country Inn Wedding Album

Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-PhotosDavids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-1Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-2.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-3.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-4.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-5.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-6.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-7.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-8.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-9.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-10.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-11.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-12.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-13.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-14.Davids-Country-Inn-Wedding-Photos-15.Featuring this custom designed album layout with photos chosen by the bride, it treasures memories of this couple’s special day…

David’s Country Inn Wedding Photos

Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Also Serving NY, CT and East PA – Destination Weddings

Contact: ida@alojeda.com – 9082403240

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