SOS… what to wear for an e-session

Looking like you belong together is much more important than forcing a perfectly matching appearance. Wear your regular stuff, things that represent who you are and make you feel comfortable… You can bring something easy to change in the go to have a wider variety of pics taken (we can carry them during the photo-shot).

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographer"

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographer"

Nice base colors are greens, blues, turquoise & blacks. Accents with more dominant colors like pink or red are great, but we recommend not using them as main colors as they tend to be too dominant (sample in first photo with the pink collar accent). Try keeping within a few colors that go well together (we suggest 3 colors, 2 is good, but no more than 4). It is fair to say it’s good to stay away from distracting patterns, couples should be the main focus. The matching style can be seen on the photo below.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographer"

Now that you know the basics:

  • Relax and have fun during your engagement session!
  • Remember girls, make-up is good for photos…
  • For some helpful posing tips, click here
  • Props are great for fun pics…

Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographers – Also Serving NY, CT and East PA – Destination Weddings

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