Photoshop Back in the Day

Al Ojeda, my hubby, has been doing photography professionally for many years, way before we came to US. Once he had this catalog photo-shoot for a boutique… I took one of the pics, scanned it (there were no digital cameras at that time), and started playing with it… Here is the result…

Back in the day, sometime in 1998, Adobe Photoshop was very basic without the wonderful tools/features it has today, but I did managed to do something pretty creative… Just sharing my love to arts…

Have fun doing what you like!


Al Ojeda Photography

2 thoughts on “Photoshop Back in the Day

  1. Tools and technology are great, but creativity still rules! That is one cool pre-PhotoShop creation! In the DJ realm, the term “mix tape” persists, because originally these crude mixes were recorded onto cassette tapes. Now we record them digitally or onto CDs.

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