Dos and Don’ts in Front of the Camera

Brides and Grooms to be, here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your Professional Wedding Photographer:

  • Enjoy your day, keep calm as much as you can, remember all emotions show in photos. Emotions that look great in photos: of course happiness, nicely surprised, some tears, etc.
  • Avoid emotions that look bad in photos: angriness, nervousness, felling desperate about something, etc.
  • Try not to stress out about anything, don’t let anyone ruin your day… If someone is giving you a hard time, let them know you will take care of the issue after the wedding, even better, after the honeymoon.
  • Don’t give your back to the Photographer, acknowledge his/her presence, this way a variety of gorgeous candids can be captured.
  • Create situations: softly touch your partner’s face to the opposite side to where the camera is, kiss, rubbing noses, touching foreheads, etc. They all make for great pics.
  • Be focus at the wedding party and family photo session, let someone who knows your family and friends gather the people that will be in the photos. Remember, your Photographer isn’t familiar with them. The sooner these photos are taken, the sooner everyone can join the party!
  • Again, enjoy your Big Day !!!

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers"

Tip for the Bride: MUAs are a must, even for those who are into the “natural” look, professionals make up artists know how to make you look fantastic in your style!

Tip for Brides and Grooms: call all vendors on the week of the wedding, making sure they know time/locations where to deliver their stuff, etc.

With Al Ojeda Photography, our Brides & Grooms get a phone call from us on the week of the wedding so we can go through all details of the big day!

Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographers – Covering the TriState Area – Destination Weddings

Contac: – 908 240 3240

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