Some Venues are Overbooking

We were working at a certain banquet hall and had a hard time getting to use their grounds to get a Bride & Groom’s photos taken because they were noticeably overbooked… It was frustrating and unpleasant… We do understand that being in the Wedding Industry, we need to make money, but the fact of booking too many weddings on a day in where you are not able to handle it in a FAIR way for each couple, just doesn’t make justice for them and their vendors who are trying to provide them, in this case as photographers, with a variety of great images… A couple has chosen a certain venue because they feel the place is gorgeous, food is yummy, fits their budget, and are looking forward to having wonderful photo memories using their facilities…  Brides and Grooms should be aware on how many weddings will be held at the banquet hall on their big day, and in the case of multiple ones, how the venue will manage to give them DECENT TIME to be able to use all locations and every little corner for their photos to be taken with NO RUSH… It is unprofessional to overbook !!!

Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographers – Covering the Tri-State Area – Destination Weddings

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