Mini Essay: Ballerinas

Have you ever heard of “The Dying Swan” where ballerinas perform Odette’s sad love story with Tchaikovsky’s music? Or the Oscar winning movie “Black Swan”? Well ballet has it’s roots in the Italian Renaissance, developed later in Russia, Britain and France as a concert dance form. It has become a highly technical form of dance usually accompanied by classical music. Choreographed for trained artists, it includes forms of mime and acting. Very hard to master, it requires long hours of practicing that often result in painful feet injuries…  It’s mostly known as for the Late Romantic Ballet which focuses on “pointe” work along with acrobatic movements… The white French “tutu” and “pointe shoes” are like trademarks to it… Modern Dance has it’s roots from classic ballet…

Al Ojeda was intrigued by the super training ballerinas go through… He felt this theme, would make for a wonderful photo essay… When you love photography, you love other forms of art…

Al Ojeda – New Jersey Photographer

Contact: – 908 240 3240

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