Capturing the “soul”

Here we were asked to do headshots for Lu, an aspiring actress and singer… Easy to work with, so natural, she gave us a variety of poses and attitudes… On her words, as the camera was shooting, her mind was focused on: “hire me”… Which is the whole idea and made it a smooth process on capturing her soul. Lu wanted also some pics for her website, for that, she turned into another gal, delivering a variety of different pieces that we are glad to share here… You can see she has that “actors” feeling and that for her, it’s second nature being in front of a camera…

Lu is a Dramatic Literature, Theatre grad form the George Washington University in DC. She has started her signing path as the vox for the “Days of Season” band with Fuma in the guitars and John Casale in the drums… Their debut album: “Turning Point”. Lu also composed all the songs and with the other members of the band, created a unique pop rock sound…

Al Ojeda Photography

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