Friday 13th Weddings !!!

Friday 13th occurs in our Calendar from one to three times a year… It is said, it holds to be a day of bad luck… Truth is, there is been “superstitions” about the number 13 for many centuries… Friday has also been said as an unlucky day for some cultures… The combo of both lead to the fatidic Friday 13th… Now, for the Spanish speaking countries, Tuesday 13th (Martes 13), is considered the day of bad luck… Our conclusion: we have in the occidental cultures at least 2 infamous days to be afraid of… How about adding other continents/cultures bad luck days, maybe from Asia, Africa, etc., sure there must be more… Let’s add them to our Calendar to create more myths to follow… 😉

The Palace at Somerset Park Wedding Photo

Today, Friday13th, we are shooting, Melanie and Christopher’s Wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park, there is no way we can think that something bad will happen to them… They are a lovely couple and deserve a great future together… Let’s get over some folklore legends !!!

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