Our Blog’s First Birthday…

Almost 10,000 views and 90 posts after… We were working for some time on the idea of using this popular online tool… It’s been a year !!!… Truth is at the beginning we were not sure about the results, so far, all people who talk about how useful blogs are, were absolutely right… It has positioned us higher in google searches, helping us reaching out more couples through tags to venue names, etc…

It’s been a long year of writing about our experiences, also about what we think is relevant info to Brides and Grooms, posting wedding photographs, and why not, writing about some personal stuff to make it friendlier showing our human side… 😉

Today’s couples are “computer savvy”, why not handle them with info that might be interesting… Us, being photographers, we provide them with wedding photos to check our professionalism, quality, flexibility-easiness, our capability in mixing styles and most importantly, reflecting our passion !!!

Al Ojeda Photography – Covering NJ, NY, CT, PA and Happy to do Destination Weddings

Info: ida@alojeda.com – 908 240 3240


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