Bridezillas ??? Really ???

We hear this word and it makes us think of a gorgeous Bride who is freaking out about everything… You get to see wild ones on TV, but those are performing for “good” TV shows… From our experience, there is no such thing as: Bridezillas… All Brides are more or less nervous in their wedding day, they could get frustrated from little details not going the way they were supposed to… But they shouldn’t be called Bridezillas for that…

Fortunately we haven’t had any Brides emulate the TV ones… At the end, a Bride wouldn’t want to ruin her wedding photos by overreacting on things going wrong letting those feelings show in her pictures… Because that is a fact, all emotions show in pictures…

We’ve had had Brides going through some things that were out of their control, like ugly climate conditions not letting them have their dreamed outdoor ceremony or by a hair style not done quite the way it was supposed to… But, we have always seen those Brides taking those things graciously with no drama…

Brides: In the wedding consult with your photographer, it is a good point to talk about: how emotions show in photos… Please don’t stress out about anything, enjoy your day assuring the making of beautiful wedding pictures/memories !!!

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