Wedding Planning – It’s time for the Formals

Formals are the Wedding Party and Family Pics. A Photochecklist is the best tool to make them happen. In the process of Wedding Planning this is a key question: When are the formals taken ??? In an ideal world, the photographer would have 1 to 2 hours time to take them, but this doesn’t work that way most times, usually there are only 45 minutes…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers - Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding Photo"These are the different situations to consider:

a. If the couple will see each other before the Ceremony and:

  1.  Ceremony and reception are held at same location: doing the formals before the ceremony enables you to enjoy your cocktail hour. The photographer can set up a special mini-session of the seeing each other for the first time, those pics can be really nice !!!
  2. Ceremony and reception are held at different locations: if you decide to do the formals after the ceremony, think about driving distances, traffic, etc., there should be enough time to get to the venue maybe stopping at a Park or any other location to take the pictures.

b. If the couple won’t see each till the Ceremony and:

  1.  Ceremony and reception are held at same location: you know you will miss most of the cocktail hour to have your pics taken.
  2. Ceremony and reception are held at different locations: think about driving distances, etc., and maybe not making it to the cocktail hour depending on the timings.

Couples: make sure family members and guests included in the formal pictures are aware of them, so tell them to be ready and focus at the time they will be taken assuring everything will be as smooth as possible.

Suggestion to Couples: try keeping the formals list short, you want to have enough time for your couple’s pics, after all, it’s your Big Day !!!

Featuring a couple with both sets of parents – Molly Pitcher Inn Wedding Photo

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