DIY – Couples: Cropping your wedding pics

Today, most photographers share copyrights of wedding pictures with the bride and groom, usually  providing them with a CD or DVD with images, all pics with basic photoshop ready to print … Be adventurous and why not have a little fun creating your own stuff… Let’s say there is this great pic of you two which shows a background that gives the scene a nice beauty… but you happen to particularly love how you both look… There are simple photo retouch programs that you can use to “crop” your pics. Cropping removes areas from an image… You can crop in vertical, horizontal or even squared shapes…

Original file

Here is a sample pic that shows a couple with a nice background, but the couple looks at a close up, fantastic… why not use the same pic cropped ??? Just use your cropping tool, maybe in a squared shape, make sure not to squeeze or stretch the image… and voila, you got a new version of the same pic… Remember to save the new image to your files with another name, keeping the original with no changes…

Same pic with a crop

There are a lot of nice frames in any Kohl’s, Walmart, etc… Just order your print, frame it, and hang it with your own creation !!!

Another tip, if you convert a color pic into B&W, be sure to correct the contrast cause those photo enhance programs aren’t smart enough to correct contrast by themselves!!!

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