Using Photo Enhancements…

Photographers usually create their own “actions”, but how much easier it is when it can be done by just a click of your mouse. We’ve got Life. Camera. Actions on our last visit to the PDN Expo. Here are some samples, the first picture is “au naturel”.

All other pictures have different types of textures and tonings for awesome results.

Not all actions work in all pictures, there is a matter of good taste involved in using them. What works in some images, won’t be a good choice for others.

Capture the “mood” of a Wedding enhancing the Bride and Groom’s pictures.

Their CD could have separate files with the basic edited pictures and an extra file with some astonishing enhanced ones. They sure will enjoy you did something special for them…

These wedding photos were taken at The David’s Country Inn in Hackesttown.

Al Ojeda Photography – New Jersey Wedding Photographers – Destination Weddings.

Info: –  908 240 3240


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