Jen’s Cakes & Pastries

We know Jen through one previous Bride we both worked with, she delivered an impressive cupcake tower… Then she posted on Facebook she would be at Sunday at a Scarecrows in the Village Festival in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. It sounded like fun, so we decided to head towards south to pay her a visit…

Jen, Ida and some friends...

Jen has taken baking and pastry courses at the Institute for Culinary Education  and is a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York City. She runs her own business in the Princeton area specializing in cupcakes, pies and cakes… She uses only the finest ingredients: AA butter, organic flour, local eggs, and locally-sourced fruit whenever possible.

Lillipies, picture by Al Ojeda Photography

She has invented the lillipies… What are lillipies ? In her own words: “Lillipies are quite simply “little pies”, the size and shape of cupcakes. My oldest son has always been a pie-lover and would far prefer apple pie to any other dessert.  When it was time to bake his birthday cupcakes for school, I figured I’d tinker with my own mother’s apple pie recipe and try and bake a cupcake made of pie instead of cake.  And the “lillipie” was born.  My clients enjoyed them so much, I put them on the menu!”


Jen's Cakes & Pastries logo is her son's portrait of her...



While chatting, Jen gave us a beautiful box with assorted apple cumb lillipies and mini brownies for us to dig into… They were out of this world…

Jen from Jen's Cakes & Pastries

Brides & Grooms: Check Jen’s Cake & Pastries !!!

Her info: – – 609 240 7738


Pictures by Al Ojeda Photography

Info: – 908 240 3240


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