Wedding Photography and the importance of doing an Engagement Session

Advantages of doing E-Pics:

1 – Get acquaintance with your Wedding Photographer, a must after only a meeting for about 30 to 45 minutes when the booking, it provides you a fantastic chance to get so much more familiar with each other.

2 – It will let the Photographer understand which are your dreamed photographs for the upcoming Big Day… The Photographer will be able to evaluate in deep in which direction your style goes and then, emphasize on those pics in your actual wedding.

3 – Unless you are one of those lucky people who is naturally at ease in front of the camera, chances are that the first time your Photographer points a lens in your way, you will be a little bit shy… But relax, the E-Session will help you loosen up and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

What to do in order to get the most from an Engagement Session:

1-     Define your style… romantic, fun, candid, serious…

2-     Find a location that represents who you are or that means something to you, maybe where he proposed? Or your first date place? Or that site that you just happen to love !!!

3-     Have a plan or theme, work it with your Photographer…

4-     Props ??? They are so much fun !!! Bicycles, umbrellas, hats, incorporating your pet, etc.

5-     Think on Clothing (maybe 2 choices?) and HairStylist – Make-Up for the girls.

6-     Think on poses that reflect your personalities – Though we strongly suggest a variety of shoots… Do lots of nose rubbing, kissing, smiling, etc. But emphasizing in your personal style…

How can you use your E-Photos:

1 – You can use the pictures for your save the dates mailings.

2 – Have a signature frame to be displayed in your wedding for your guests to sign.

3 – Include a pic on the wedding program.

4 – Make a memorable guest book.

5 – Why not, a different pic framed as table numbers.

Al Ojeda Photography covers the TriState Area… Happy to do Destination Weddings

Info: – 908 240 3240


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