Wedding Photography – Film vs. Digital

Having started our Photography journey in the Film era, makes us think in the differences between the old fashioned Film and the Digital SLR era…

Film would come as color, B&W, slides or even Polaroid… They would come as 35mm, 120mm, large formats… You used less batteries… You had the beauty of wider spectrum of grays, middle tones… But, you were not able to check if a pic was well exposed or out of focus (no liquid crystal display), it was a matter of developing your film to find out what you got… The dark room was a pleasure to work at, you could put hours and days to get perfect copies…

Digital is a complete different concept. SLR cameras can capture raw, jpg large/fine, large/med, large/low, etc, different files/size images… You can take more pictures, since you don’t have that “film cost” issue… So, you went from taking 200/400 pics in a Wedding, to as many as you need… You take all pics in color and later on, in your new dark room: the computer, turn them into B&W, sepia and you can play with a variety of enhancements… With Digital, you tend to store your images in a DVD, CD, external disk, or keep them on files in your PC/laptop/Mac, you actually make less copies and just go through them on a screen…

For Wedding Photography purposes, Digital has become a friendlier way of taking care of business, but for those who started in the Film era, it’s a bitter-sweet feeling of leaving behind your first love…

At Al Ojeda Photography, we are committed to quality Photography Services…

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