Photographers: Another E-Scam

It looks like scammers are working hard to get us, in less than a week we got another one. If you receive an email similar to the following, don’t respond:

comments = Dear Al Ojeda,

This is a requisition for your fotography services.  I am Steve Huso. Based in London.  My wedding is coming up on  October 9, 2010. Pleese I will want to hire your service to be the photographer on my wedding day in London.  I am sorting an america photographer because I really want to make the wedding event a wonderfull day for my American fiance.

You will cover the whole events from Getting ready, Ceremony, and the Reception.  I want you  to capture the atmosphere of the event so that we can relive  the special day moment by moment, photo by photo, for a lifetime. Capture all those little moments that make the wedding day incredible. Also, I will want you to make an album from the event.I will prefer popular flush mount albums that are custom designed.

I am  of the opinion that you are capable to provide the incredible services as requested.Please accept my sincerest appreciation on behalf of my fiance, in advance for your willingness to render your services.

Kind Regard,

Steve Huso

We do have a wedding on the day posted, but anyway by curiosity, googled the request for photo services because it sounded suspicious… Brides and/or Grooms have a very different approach when looking for photo services…

Al Ojeda Photography


7 thoughts on “Photographers: Another E-Scam

  1. Thanks for the info. I actually just got the same email word for word on my site. The bad grammar and spelling was a dead give away, but I searched Steve Huso on google anyway and found your post…. I don’t even shoot weddings! lol
    Anyhow, It led me to your work, very nice stuff!

  2. We always check on google analytics our website traffic, yesterday August 13th, we’ve got unsual visits from “Ibadan” in Nigeria and “London” UK… We are located in New Jersey, and we know sometimes we get visits from other countries, but aren’t this visits suspicious just after we posted this blog?
    It just makes us wonder…

  3. I got the same e-mail and wanted to let you all know that it’s an absolute scam.
    Seems lots of people are getting this too, so just wanted to get the word out.

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