Wedding Vendors Working as a Team

This post is about how great it can be when vendors are on the same page, only looking for the couples Big Day to be the best it could be…

We were shooting a Wedding following the Limousine to The Imperia on Easton Somerset… the bride, dad and bridesmaids were inside…

Limo got to The Imperia on Easton Somerset

We are pretty good managing to follow a Limo, in this case we lost it at a traffic light that was too RED to continue… but then, we saw about 100 yards in front of us the Limo with it’s back lights flashing on the side of the road waiting for us…

It came to us as a surprise that the limo driver was cheking if we were behind him and once he realized we lost him, took the decision to wait so that the bride could have the pictures of her getting out of the Limousine at her arrival to the venue…

So we thanked him so much for beeing so nice and requested a business card, we told him we would write a blog post about how professional he was in order to provide a couple a perfect day in every little detail…

The company’s name is VG Limousine, they are conveniently located in Central Jersey… if looking for professional Limousine Services, this Company is the Best.

VGLimousine’s info: – 9083591631

Pictures of course are from Al Ojeda Photography !!! New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Covering the TriState Area – Destination Weddings

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