About our Wedding Photography Style

As Professional Photographers, our first goal is to satisfy the Couples point of view… Then, we take license to do our own creative stuff, but only if the Couples are willing to do something different, without pushing… There should be the right mood/attitude for it, otherwise it will look forced, not natural, with no gratifying results…

Al has strong composition skills, he uses any type of backgrounds to make a sight look beautiful… It could be any sight, an old barn, a nice corner in the venue… He goes further more, he uses his flash in different ways to create a fantastic atmosphere…

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers - Bridgewater Manor Wedding Photos"Ida is more into a specific moment, she waits patiently when she knows a tear or laugh is coming… She loves arranging details in different ways, creating tasteful shoots…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers"We like knowing what the Couple’s dream pictures are… Taking notes to have a perfect idea of what we are doing on their Big Day… We are there to capture the essence of their Wedding in their vision combined with our creativity…

Al Ojeda Photography –  New Jersey Wedding Photographers – Covering the Tri-State Area – Destination Weddings

Contact us: 908 240 3240 – ida@alojeda.com

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