My laptop said: Game Over

Just like years ago when my son was a child and we would play video games, I would fall short and get the infamous: game over, a couple weeks ago, my laptop said: game over… Suddenly, the screen turned black… I waited for a couple minutes to see if it was too hot and maybe that was the reason why it wouldn’t work… I tried an hour later, nothing, three hours later it just wouldn’t turn back on…

Removing the cover to get the hard drive.

 I didn’t want to panic, but it was scary… If you think that I had all my Wedding Photography business paperwork stored there… Deep in my mind I was worried… I had a back up, but from March, not good enough…

Easy hard drive removing.

 Al went to his computer to “google” what could be done… he read some different ways to make it start again, but nothing would work… We opened the back of the laptop and moved the hard drives from one place to the other trying all options… Nothing…

Removing the metal chassis.

 Same day, we went to get a new laptop… We commented what happened to the guy at the store, he offered the services of a “computer geek” who would be able to rescue my files for a certain amount of money, we looked at each other and decided we would get those files ourselves somehow…

The hard drive without the chassis.

 From a Google (what a great friend !!!) search, Al learned that there is a S – ATA & IDE adaptor that could rescue my files… so he order it from California  for $30 and week later, I was getting all my precious files back !!!

Removing the original plastic adapter from SATA to the connection to the laptop.

 Of course, now I have an external disk, which I should have had from the beginning, like Al does… But it feels pretty awesome to get things done without paying big dollars… Al is the Best… Yaaaaaaaay !!!

You can see the SATA connection of the drive.

 My advise, if you ever think you lost all your files after a computer brake down, don’t panic, there is hope, get an adapter !!! Even better, don’t work without an external disc !!!

Connecting hard drive with the usb adapter, using the SATA.

Finally, files are getting rescued.

Ida from Al Ojeda Photography


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