Marketing Roundtable @ The Wedding Salon

We were pleased to receive an invitation to participate in a Marketing Roundtable in NYC organized by Nicole Feldman, Vice President of Strategic Development at The Wedding Salon. 

To start, each person attending introduced themselves, giving a description of the nature of their business, and then Scott (sorry Scott, your last name is missing in the paperwork !!!) started to go over today’s ways to improve Wedding Industry related businesses.

So, the trend with modern Brides is: Internet, Internet and more Internet… A must is a capturing website, it’s the first hit/impression to the viewer; then, Facebook is huge for exposure; Twitter; our best friend: Google which has many helpful tools; and Blogging, of course.

Nowadays, any business that wants to keep abreast to the actual trends, can’t survive without working hard on all the points Scott mentioned. So sit in front of your computer and put on it as many hours as you can, keep learning, never give up !!!

Attendants: Al and Ida from Al Ojeda Photography, Carla from Couture Envelopes, Fueza from Fueza Reis Photography, Misuzu from Image Organics, Janna from Kyo Morishima Photography, Pamela Ezeta from Le Parker Meridien, Martine from Martine’s Chocolates, Rick from SD26, Celia Ross from St. Vincent & Grenadines and Kimberly Cucinotta from Warwick New York Hotel.

We loved seeing again Meredith Davis, Account Manager at The Wedding Salon.


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