Wedding Photography, in a Tight Budget?

Make sure even if you are in a Tight Budget, to get a First-Class Photographer. Images will be all what is left from the Big Day… So they are truly essential…

Check out VERY CAREFULLY all “portfolios”… if necessary, pay a little more, but don’t compromise your memories… you don’t want any regrets when it’s too late…

There are some online lists on what to ask to a prospective Wedding Photographer, some questions are fine while others don’t make much sense… You certainly can use them, but at the end, choose the one Photographer that shows the knowledge on his craft, experience and passion… You will know it at that meeting while he/she/them talk/s about their style, equipment, techniques, how they have resolved any particular situation, etc.

Sometimes, a talented Photographer might work on your budget, he/she/them do exceptions… Tell them your difficulties, they could work on numbers…

Don’t forget though, Photographers have families, bills to pay, mortgages/rent, car/gas bills, insurance, and they have to renew regularly their pretty expensive equipments !!!

Al Ojeda Photography

info: – 908 240 3240


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