The sometimes underestimated Wedding Photographer

Being a Pro Wedding Photographer requires having decent professional equipment (not necessarily the most expensive), the knowledge on how to use it under pressure on a day that will go with a crazy speed and no second chances to repeat any image… He/she/them, need to be skilled in various fields of photography:

1 – Photojournalistic Style; being capable to tell a story in pictures. Knowing what is important to show to really document that day, no nonsense images…

Guests reaction to a kiss... by Al Ojeda

2 – Product Photography; shooting “details” are in some ways, shooting “products” without having 3 lights in a studio and doing it quickly, you don’t have all the time in the world to do it…  


3 – Portrait Photography; you need to use the light properly to illuminate the subject and guide the Bride and/or groups to pose to look their best. Brides, Grooms, guests, aren’t professional models, they are not familiar with posing, so in few minutes you have to capture them in a way they’d look natural, relaxed…

Bride's Portrait by Al Ojeda

That’s why we say that sometimes the Wedding Photographer is underestimated, because it really requires expertise handling all those skills in a hectic journey…

Brides & Grooms: check thoughtfully all portfolios before booking !!!

Al Ojeda Photography


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