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Cocktail Style Wedding Reception

We have seen very often lately a trend to a more relaxed gathering after the Ceremony, the “Cocktail Wedding Reception”. It comes instead of the classic cocktail hour followed by a 4 to 5 hours sit-down dinner/buffet reception.

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Madison Hotel wedding photos"

The Cocktail Style Wedding Reception can have the traditional passing hot & cold hors d’ oeuvres, displays of raw bars with assorted seafood, crudités and dippings, cheese and fruits, and/or carving and pasta stations. Desserts can mean more than a Wedding Cake or Cupcakes, adding mini desserts and the coffee/tea station…

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Madison Hotel wedding photos"

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers - The Madison Hotel wedding photos"

We’ve got the feeling it brings a more informal atmosphere, encourages mingling along the guests, they typically tend to move around and socialize a little more than with the traditional full service dinner receptions…It could also be a budget friendly alternative for Brides & Grooms, though not necessarily… Why not, this is a nice option if it’s held at the right venue, well organized, accommodating guests with enough tables and sits.

Photos by Al Ojeda Photography, The Conservatory Room.

The Madison Hotel in Madison Wedding Photos.

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Ceremony Restrictions

We love when we hear as Wedding Photographers that we are allowed to do anything to get the job done during a Ceremony, though we won’t be intrusive respecting prudent distances…

Church Ceremony by Al Ojeda Photography

But, FYI on Ceremony “Restrictions” for your Wedding Photographers. Some Priests, Pastors, Rabbis, etc., provide the Bride & Groom with a list of “Photo Restrictions”. The B & G usually forward it to their Photographers.

Gazebo Ceremony by Al Ojeda Photography

Every now and then, Photographers find out on location. Celebrants could be kind and tell us in a polite way that they don’t want any flashes or to only move up to certain distance to the atrium for the duration of the Ceremony…

Rings... Ceremony... by Al Ojeda Photography

Others aren’t very nice about it. Some time ago, right before shooting a Ceremony, a Priest was rude, offensive on the way he told us how we should handle our work… the Groomsmen were listening next to us shocked, and later on informed the Bride & Groom about the episode. The Couple ended up putting a complaint to the Church authorities.  

Anyway, a Pro Photographer can handle the situation, the right gear and knowledge will do it.

Al Ojeda Photography

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A getaway to the Bahamas

We work a lot… Every now and then, we take a little brake… Here are some pics from our getaway to the Bahamas on November 2008.

Photos by Al


Marketing Roundtable @ The Wedding Salon

We were pleased to receive an invitation to participate in a Marketing Roundtable in NYC organized by Nicole Feldman, Vice President of Strategic Development at The Wedding Salon. 

To start, each person attending introduced themselves, giving a description of the nature of their business, and then Scott (sorry Scott, your last name is missing in the paperwork !!!) started to go over today’s ways to improve Wedding Industry related businesses.

So, the trend with modern Brides is: Internet, Internet and more Internet… A must is a capturing website, it’s the first hit/impression to the viewer; then, Facebook is huge for exposure; Twitter; our best friend: Google which has many helpful tools; and Blogging, of course.

Nowadays, any business that wants to keep abreast to the actual trends, can’t survive without working hard on all the points Scott mentioned. So sit in front of your computer and put on it as many hours as you can, keep learning, never give up !!!

Attendants: Al and Ida from Al Ojeda Photography, Carla from Couture Envelopes, Fueza from Fueza Reis Photography, Misuzu from Image Organics, Janna from Kyo Morishima Photography, Pamela Ezeta from Le Parker Meridien, Martine from Martine’s Chocolates, Rick from SD26, Celia Ross from St. Vincent & Grenadines and Kimberly Cucinotta from Warwick New York Hotel.

We loved seeing again Meredith Davis, Account Manager at The Wedding Salon.


Our Wedding Photography Packages

We keep them simple, starting with a Basic Package and then going to what we call “Upgrades” that include all the Basic plus a custom designed album… also available are “A La Carte” options. We are happy to customize Packages to couples needs.

"Al Ojeda Photography -The Hyatt in Jersey City Wedding Photos"









Basic Package

– 8 hours coverage with 2 photographers.

– Approximately 500 edited images in a CD in high/low resolution (printing/online purposes). No charge for B&W and/or sepia. Sharing Copyrights.

– Online link to a slideshow of the key moments of the wedding provided within a week of the event.

Upgrade 1Adding an Asuka Coffee Table Book (10x10x15 pages)

Upgrade 2Adding an EZ Album (10x10x15 pages)

Upgrade 3Adding a Flush Mount Album (10x10x15 pages) 

Upgrade 4Adding a Flush Mount Album (12x12x15 pages)

"Al Ojeda Photography - NJ Wedding Photographers"









A La Carte:

Unlimited/less hours coverage


– Hard Copy Proofs

– 1 or 2, parent Asuka Coffee Table Books (8x8x15 pages)

– Engagement Session

– Extra charge for Destination Weddings

Payments: 25% Deposit at the time you book us. Balance is due one month before the wedding day.

For a more detailed Pricing list or to work on a custom package to fit your needs, please call/email us: 908.240.3240 /

Al Ojeda Photography – NJ Wedding Photographers – Covering the TriState Area –  Destination Weddings

"Al Ojeda Photography - New Jersey Wedding Photographers"


The Wedding Salon Event @ The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC

The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC

Meredith Davis, from The Wedding Salon Event, was so kind on Monday to tour us throughout the floor of The Roosevelt Hotel explaining the way the event is coordinated and how vendors can take advantage of this affair which is held twice a year.


Al Ojeda shoot some images which we are sharing to glimpse at, they reflect all efforts done by the Organization, Hotel and Vendors.

Beautiful ideas for Brides were showcased in each room of the magnificent Roosevelt Hotel in the Big Apple.

Photos by Al Ojeda Photography


Wedding Photography, in a Tight Budget?

Make sure even if you are in a Tight Budget, to get a First-Class Photographer. Images will be all what is left from the Big Day… So they are truly essential…

Check out VERY CAREFULLY all “portfolios”… if necessary, pay a little more, but don’t compromise your memories… you don’t want any regrets when it’s too late…

There are some online lists on what to ask to a prospective Wedding Photographer, some questions are fine while others don’t make much sense… You certainly can use them, but at the end, choose the one Photographer that shows the knowledge on his craft, experience and passion… You will know it at that meeting while he/she/them talk/s about their style, equipment, techniques, how they have resolved any particular situation, etc.

Sometimes, a talented Photographer might work on your budget, he/she/them do exceptions… Tell them your difficulties, they could work on numbers…

Don’t forget though, Photographers have families, bills to pay, mortgages/rent, car/gas bills, insurance, and they have to renew regularly their pretty expensive equipments !!!

Al Ojeda Photography

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The WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards

The WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards ™ recognizes the top local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, the Bride’s Choice Awards are determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 500,000 newlyweds. This year’s winners represent the top five percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which consists of over 100,000 local wedding professionals nationwide.

Thanks to our Brides and Grooms for great reviews !!!

Key Moments Slideshow

At  Al Ojeda Photography, our Regular Packages include a Slideshow… the idea is that the newlywed get within their Big Day week, some images to look at.

We do an online Slideshow of the Key Moments consisting in some portraits, details and some story-telling pictures, including any special “moments” we know are important to them.


Usually we use the first dance song on the Slideshow, we think it makes it much more memorable.

So our Couples expect the Slideshow while enjoying their honeymoon in which they have online access in the hotel that they are staying at. They can even share the link with family and friends.

Nice touches like this, make a whole difference in any Wedding Photography Services !!!