Why booking a Full Time Photographer for your Wedding

A Full Time Photographer will be there for you most likely anytime, unless he/she/them is/are shooting a Wedding.

Full Time equals 24/7 committed to Professional Services, at hand for any questions or concerns without being distracted on other activities/jobs… will call back right away, will email back in few minutes…

Al shooting a wedding in Nantucket, MA

Full Time is having no restrictions on day/time/location for meetings with couples.

Full Time will provide you with your Big Day images within a week or two of the Event, you get a super fast turn around for your online galleries…

Full Time translates in taking the time to carefully enhance, correct color/balance, crop if needed, each image provided to you…

Full Time means him/her/their income comes only from Professional Photography Services, so maybe their prices might be a little over the part timers (though, not necessarily), but certainly obtaining all previous advantages mentioned…

At Al Ojeda Photography, we are committed Full Time to our Brides & Grooms.

info: ida@alojeda.com – 908 240 3240


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