Pedro Luis Raota, an Outstanding Photographer

When  I was a child and I started  reading  Life Magazine, I was amazed with wonderful pics that told  me stories  that happened  far away from my small country in South America, and I started dreaming in becoming a Photographer  to  travel around the world  taking pics.

Then, I studied Photography and I started to understand the magic of “writing with the light “, and the importance of a perfect composition.

From those days, I remember that one of the Photographer’s that influenced me most was Pedro Luis Raota, he was an Argentinian Photographer that in his 52 years of life won 3000 Gold Medals in Photography Contests.

He died in 1986, and we can say that his photographs show the drama of life but with a touch of irony and humor.

He was criticized sometimes because some of his photographs were previously set up, but he always responded: “a Photographer imagines a picture, and if that picture he imagines doesn’t exist, he will create it just like a Film Director does”.

Pedro Luis Raota to me is the Rembrandt of the Photography due to his mastery in controlling the light, and impeccable composition.

Al Ojeda


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