How many pictures should the Couples receive from their Photographer?

Nowadays, a Photographer takes more than 1500 pictures in a regular 8 hours Wedding, some shoot 5000 !!!

In the old times that was impossible to achieve due to the cost of the film. Today, in the Digital era, that has changed for good in some ways. The Photographer can shoot the same pose, family picture, or any picture, several times (there is no film wasted). If in one image, someone blinked, in the next one provably not.

Wedding Gown by Al Ojeda Photography

Every Wedding is unique, so depending on the hours covered, how many guests are attending the Wedding (petit/medium or more than 200), quantity of locations (different locations for getting ready, ceremony and reception) and situations created, the Photographer can easily shoot over 1500 images. From all those images, you have the repeated (just in case), the unflattering ones, etc.

Talking about an 8 hour coverage Weedding, we have decided to not provide the couples with large amounts of pictures (unless they really want all of them), we select the best and repeat very few… maybe a little more than 400 pictures, some times over 500.

More hours coverage, like in a Traditional Indian Wedding, it could go up to 800 since there a lot more steps to cover in the whole process…

A regular Album has in between 60 to 75 pictures, so if you have to select from 1500, that’s a main struggle, while if you have to narrow down from 500, it makes the newlywed couple’s life easier… It makes that process smooth !!!

Al Ojeda Photography

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