Wedding Photography Checklist

We provide Brides & Grooms with a Wedding Photography Checklist a month prior to the event, so they have time to fill it up and mail/email it back to us. We bring it with us on the day of the event and check it out, this way not missing any special requests. 

It’s very useful at the time of the formals. Our list is designed in a way that moves the Bride the less, since usually the wedding gown will have a train making it more difficult for her to move… All people involve in the pictures should be aware and focus…

Sometimes weather conditions, timing/Church/venue restrictions, lateness on people involve in the formals may happen, with the result that some pictures of the list can’t be taken. Weddings are unpredictable, even the ones carefully planned, a Photographer really needs to be on top of his game and be prepared for “plan Bs”.

Al Ojeda Photography

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Photography Checklist

  1. It’s a good idea not to check off too many formals – you’ll want the photographer to have time for creative license.
    A Wedding is not a family portrait session… it’s a Wedding !!!

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