The Bouquet…

Every Bride has a Bouquet… it’s a main Tradition… Brides may have favorite flowers, colors, styles… Florist Companies carry a wide variety to choose from…

When a Bride is looking for her Bouquet, she should keep in mind the size and why not, the weight. The Bride will be carrying it most of the day, so if it’s too big or pretty heavy, she will be uncomfortable carrying it all day long… Also, if you are a petit Bride, you really don’t want it to be oversized, it could look awkward, it should balance your size.

Be careful if the Florist brings the Bouquet on a vase with water, have paper towels to make sure you dry it out before you touch it to avoid splitting water on your Wedding gown, some fabrics are very sensitive to liquids and leave spots… It should never happen, it’s preventable.

Bouquet by Al Ojeda Photography

Your Photographer will take pictures of the Bouquet, in different options, using interesting backgrounds or putting the rings on top… and you will have images of that Bouquet that you carefully picked up.

Al Ojeda Photography

info: – 908 240 3240


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