The Photographer at a Couple’s Very Special Day…

I wanted to start this first approach with a delicate theme which is letting someone you really don’t know that much to be almost like your shadow for a whole day, the Photographer… He/she/them are to provide you with memories of everything you work so hard for, for a bunch of months… details, as per the flowers, bouquets, the dress hanging, the shoes, the rings, even the sight of the venue you choose to have your reception at.

The Venue with the limo...

This means, it is a big decision letting a Photographer into that very special/intimate day in your lives. 

Us as Photographers, we feel honored each time someone books us because the Bride and Groom are trusting their memories of a lifetime on our abilities, skills even our characters, moods, also our cameras, equipment !!!… it isn’t just pictures taken… there’re lots of private moments, tears, laughs, joy, everything that has to be documented in a beautiful unobtrusive way…

From our point of view, we always think that if we were to get married, what would we like to see in the CD with images once we open the files in our laptops ???  What would we want to have ??? What not to miss ???  Going further more, surprising the Bride & Groom with things they would never thought about… we want them to smile… if that smile is there, it means: mission accomplished !!!

The father of the Groom, a real fun image !!!


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